A $0.54c cure for my $4.50 habit!

Posted April 17th, 2013 by Claire S

In the spirit of the upcoming $0.50c indulgence month, I am quite proud to have broken a year-long habit that was costing me around $30 a week, replacing it with one that costs just less than $4.00 a week (and appears to be helping my waistline reduce too!).

Last month, I shared how I managed to shave $188,846 worth of interest off my mortgage. The majority of this was by having my interest rate cut, but $23,200 of that sum was saved by increasing my fortnightly payments by the cost of a cup of coffee per day.

My daily espresso habit had crept up on me over about a year … since discovering THE best coffee in town. I used to limit myself to one or two 'bought' coffees a week, but then I discovered a café just downstairs from where I work part-time in the city. Their coffee is perfect, and somewhat addictive. And I love coffee… it's my only vice, without it, I get headaches, I get moody and I'm just not very nice to be around. But with great coffee just a short trip down the stairs, well, I had the perfect excuse to nip out of work for five minutes and come back with my little cup of happiness. But at $4.50 a pop, it was starting to add up. Perhaps not coincidentally, my waistline was starting to expand too.

So I took the stand and decided enough was enough. "No more," I said! "I shall be strong," I said! Yet there I was, Day One, teetering on the brink of withdrawal, dreaming of my perfect brew, imagining the soothing aroma… my inner-addict crying out for a hit of java. How was I going to get through the day, let alone the week, let alone forever? I tried having instant coffee powder… but my tastebuds staged an immediate riot, followed by an uprising of my nerves… instant was not going to cut the mustard!

Then it struck me, I remembered the last time I had to go without my life support in-a-cup. It was back in October when I went along to Emily's school camp on Kawau Island. I took along a pack of Nescafe Cappuccino (extra strong!). And surprisingly, these little sachets of faux-coffee somehow got me through. It was a big ask, but I survived the week without any headaches or irritability (none that can be blamed on coffee withdrawal anyway), and quite enjoyed my instant, no-fuss, low-cost coffee alternative.

So a couple of weekends back, I popped in to the local supermarket and picked up a box of 20 - on special for just $10.99. That's just $0.54c each! And the wonderful thing is, I don't miss my $4.50 coffee at all! Yep, I'm now two weeks in and my expensive coffee habit seems to be a thing of the past! I can't believe I was spending so much when there was a perfectly good alternative at a fraction of the price! Hurruh for 50c indulgences!!

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