Calendar 2022

This year every monthly challenge has been chosen to build people up from the inside. Not just a quick fix. But, soul building and heart filling challenges. Or, as I like to call them “REAL GOLD”.

Before we talk about the monthly challenges. Let me introduce you to the concepts of “Real Gold” and “Fool’s Gold”. Real Gold are things that make you feel fantastic right down to your core. Fool’s Gold is something that you think is going to build you up but leaves you depleted instead. Real Gold is harder to find, where Fool’s Gold is being sold to you on every corner. Real Gold gives long lasting satisfaction, where Fool’s Gold is a quick fix.

Here are our challenges for this year:-

January: Ready, set , go February: Friendly food March: $21 Challenge April: Hands in the dirt May: Beautiful space June: Craft and create July: $1 treats August: Outdoor joy September: Kindness October: Christmas organised November: No spend December: Take a rest


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