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So I looked at our spending last year, and saw that our clothing spend (two adults, one toddler) came to around $1200. This is rather a lot considering the toddler mostly has hand-me-downs from cousins and that we mostly get our other stuff from Kmart or the Warehouse. There was some Nitro Circus stuff in there and a few Canterbury items from a super cheap sale they had, but all the rest is really just basic "look tidy for work" stuff.

So I was trying to figure out how to cut back in this area of our budget and I hit upon a wee plan. I always intended to have my birthday off this year as I feel a whole day to myself isn't too much to ask every now and then, so I decided to expand on this and use it as my designated clothes shopping day. My target initially was to get the entire budget down to $900, giving the adults $400 each and our son $100. Ever since making this decision, I have been plotting my day.

So here is my list of things to get, and my max prices:

1x pair of nice jeans - $10

3x long-sleeved tops in nice colours - $30 each max = $90

1x pair of shoes (preferably comfortable and waterproof) - $45

A nice dress - $80

2x decent socks - $10 pr = $20

1x new bra - $45

New underwear - $10 pr = $30

Purple earrings (not strictly clothing, but I like to coordinate earrings and tops and it bugs me that I have no purple earrings!) $25

2x long singlets $10

Green hoody $11 (Warehouse)

Pyjama pants $15

All this leaves me around $19 to play with (more socks and another bra maybe). I had considered going to Savemart (HUGE second-hand store), but when you see the Kmart prices, it's harder to justify the distance to the store, the hassle of sorting through all the racks and the dubious pedigree of the items you end up with. I know there's a reason Kmart is cheaper, but at least I'm keeping someone employed, right?

Now the problem I've hit on is this: I bought some boots. They cost $280 and should last forever and are exactly what I wanted in terms of comfort and waterproof-ness, so I have no problem with having got them EXCEPT that it leaves me with a lot less to spend on the things I want to get. However, Kmart will probably come to the rescue. I had a funeral to go to in Auckland, so I thought I'd shop around while I was there (bigger variety) and I came home with my pyjama pants ($8) and three short-sleeved (but gorgeous coloured) tees ($9 total). (Leaving $103 of my $400 budget). The reason I didn't come home with more is that I didn't even SEE the other half of the women's section (and I had to go to the funeral).

So I am changing my plan to allow for the fact that I shouldn't need shoes for at least two years, and adding $90. This gives me $193. New plan is this:

$100 on the tops and jeans I need.

New bra (learned they are $12 at Kmart)

Decent socks $20

Nice dress $61

I'm hoping socks and tops will be cheaper too, so I can invest in a nice dress (or I could lose weight and wear the ones I already own...!)

I've already saved money by writing this all down, because I was totally gonna just up my share of the budget to $550, but I would have felt guilty doing it if the people reading this knew!

If I have any pocket money left (I get $35 a week), I will use that for the earrings, maybe some pink nail polish and my coffee and treat food that I will get on my "big day out". I'm really looking forward to it, especially since I have a plan. Now all I have to do is get a proper bra size (using an online "accurate" British bra sizing calculator) , hope that my size actually exists at Kmart and wait the two months til my actual birthday!

Better go cook some dinner and clean the oven and wake the child and vacuum the floor and hang out the washing and all that other stuff I do on my "day off".


After years of being on here, I still come across gems I've missed. This year, I've taken to stockpiling. I've always done this, to a degree, but now I'm REALLY taking it seriously. I thank the lovely ladies who have opened my eyes to the fb group, Aussie Stockpilers- (currently not accepting new members).

A brilliant quote from the group is: "Store what you eat, and eat what you store." For years, I bought stuff that was recommended or thought I'd like.... and kept it out of guilt. Pass it on, sharing is caring. Everyone has different tastes. Someone else may adore it!

I thought I'd share my list of long life items and general household items. This list is no where near complete (there's always something you forget, right???) and there may be some things you would add or do differently. This is for my reference, in case I lose my hardcopy list, SS is a safe place to store my ideas! I have purposely not included brand names- I'm not particularly loyal to brands as DH is- I may do that in a separate post.

Here's the list! :)

Things LMW should never run out of:


Toilet paper

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shower gel


Razor blades



Sanitary pads




White Vinegar

Castile Soap

Dishwashing detergent

Laundry liquid soap

Wool wash liquid soap

Vanilla fridge spray


Antiseptic Disinfectant liquid

Paper Towel





Bottles of water




Dried herbs - Oregano, Basil, Chives, Parsley, Coriander

Spices - Paprika, Turmeric, Cumin, Cinnamon, Chipotle



Olive Oil

Tinned tomatoes


Condensed soups

Coconut cream

Corn Kernels

Creamed corn

Instant Oats


GF Pasta

Apple Cider Vinegar

Cling Wrap

Aluminium foil

Baking paper





Self raising flour

Long life milk

Apple Sauce

Mint Jelly

Minced garlic

Minced ginger

Gravy powder

Peanut Butter

Pet food:

Dry dog food

Dental sticks

Miscellaneous/ stationary:

Generic wrapping paper

Gift bags

Greeting Cards

Permanent markers

Sticky tape




Mosquito coils


`*~.Liz.~*' (Outskirts of Sydney) - 4 Jul 2017
Today is finally beautiful and sunny and I haven't gotten to enjoy it. Yet. I've baked, changed the sheets on our bed (waiting for them to finish washing so I can hang them on the line). I'm having an early lunch because I'm hungry and it's better than eating more snacks.

I've started using the powermate to work out a few things - it is better to use my computer while plugged in or unplug it and run down the battery then charge it? Hoping my new-found knowledge will help us save a bit more money here and there.

Didn't need to bake bread/lunch today as I kept forgetting I still had cheese/cheese and bacon rolls for the kids to eat. The bacon ones are all gone now. Might freeze the cheese ones. The big kids who were still hungry ate an orange muffin that I baked this morning. I'm really hungry today so having a second lunch, some leftover rice from the other day and I opened a tin of baked beans. Will add some spices or something to make it tasty.

I've been praying that someone will give us some food this week and Lo and behold, this afternoon a friend turned up with a box of 24 Cornettos. Just outside use by date, she'd got them from a "food bank" type place in her hamper and had two more boxes and not enough freezer space. My 12yo fitted 19 into the freezer and conveniently couldn't find space for the last five so the kids all had a treat and now dessert for Saturday (when my mum is looking after the kids) is sorted - we have dessert every Saturday night and I hadn't worked out what I was going to give the kids this week.

Afternoon snack was a platter of odds and ends - it's an old Tupperware platter from the seventies with six main compartments and a small circular compartment in the middle.
I filled it with - sliced apple, sliced pear, carrot sticks, a single serve package of mini rice cakes I found in the back of the pantry, brownie bites (ie I cut my batch of brownies really small) and the end of a bag of banana chips. The carrot sticks and some apple slices didn't get eaten, so they got diced up to go in tonight's dinner, along with the last two spring onions and some frozen peas and frozen corn. 13yo DD is cooking butter chicken - the end of a bag of rice in the rice cooker, diced chicken from a packet in the freezer and a jar of butter chicken sauce I bought on special.

Kids will either play a board game or have an at home disco tonight or (the big two) will go to youth group.

(post has been edited)


New birth year, new blog and new goals. Tomorrow or the next day I will detail my specific goals in a manageable post for me to share as well but for now it is brain dump while bubba sleeps on me. She has not been sleeping at all lately so its wonderful to have some quiet.

So things here change constantly as they do for all of you but I think this time my kids are leading us in a good direction. I have several things impacting on my life that are leading me in a positive direction.

Scott pape, war on waste and a plastic ocean have all featured and influenced our lives lately.


A plastic ocean is a doco I found on Netflix. DD10 was concerned after learning about midway island at school and we found this go up a couple of weeks later. After watching it she was absolutely mortified about what she learnt and wanted to change. A few days later my mum told me about war on waste.

Across the two DD has encouraged me (who thought we were already doing pretty well… boy was I wrong) and her sisters to make a change. We have started separating our rubbish even further and making more changes to reduce our waste.

All our soft plastics are now separated and put into the redcycle bins at coles (we filled the local one the other day HAHA) and any small papers are put into the basket by the fire to use when lighting it. Our food waste is currently wrapped in paper like from the service deli but will soon be put into a tub and put in the compost bin when it arrives. Our recyclables were already pretty good but we will be trying to focus on making sure its all sorted all the time.

We went on a holiday last week and where we stayed were only provided with a small rubbish bin. So instead of just leaving it all for trash we took out anything recyclable and took it home with us to deal with appropriately at home.

We have also noticed that batteries can be recycled at aldi. Electronics at some Bunnings and office works and of course metals at the scapper. We have a pile of metal out the front to go soon actually.

Due to this DD is also refusing to use anything single use if there is another option so we have sourced a reusable fabric zip lock bag replacement, metal straws, a wooden and natural dishes brush (instead of plastic ones) and also bags for things like produce and bread instead of plastic. She is very pleased so far and is waiting for me to get my sewing machine out again and make some shopping bags so I can stop paying for this too.

Plastic bags were banned here in SA a few years ago now. But really they were not banned, the free use of them was. Now shops are selling heavier weight bags for 10-20c each to use instead which is just as bad if not worse! I hope within a fortnight to not need these at all anymore.

I will also be putting bubba back in cloth, and DDs 11 and 10 have agreed to try using cloth pads instead of disposable ones. I will be using them also (although thanks to my implanon I wont need many haha) to try and lessen our impacts too and to also save money.

Our mission is now to lessen our impacts as much as possible. It is not only our household either the kids are helping their grandparents and aunty convert too.


Financially I am working on following some of the steps set out by Scott Pape in the barefoot investor. I hope to use his book to find a stable possible for myself and my kids and even build a small private savings account to have enough aside for 'just in case' to protect myself and my girls.

I am potentially planning to save some money into accounts for the girls to consider either investing or putting into a term deposit to give them money when they are beginning with their lives as adults. A small amount now might make a difference in such a hard and expensive world.

It is all small steps but makes a difference long term to all of us. Any little bit I can put aside now can help us get ahead in the future with everything.


I have been working on plans for making our family more organised.

It was my birthday on the weekend and last week I went and got myself some presents that the girls wrapped and gave me (BF said he bought them). One was an adhesive menu planner which is now stuck to my freezer in the kitchen. This will be filled every week with our menu based on the cheapest meals I can prepare. Then after shopping day I have been prepping all the food and freezing it but labelled. So Monday nights dinner has 'Mon - Chicken' written on it etc so all I had to do was get it out and put it in the slowcooker or similar. This is not only saving my time but has reduced our waste to almost zero!

I have some new books and lists to assist me in keeping track of things. Ever since I got pregnant with DD8mth I have found my memory has been quiet shocking. I used to be able to remember and track everything but lately I have trouble remembering even small things which is terrible. I will be utilising tools and making sure that I can keep track and be a more effective mum and housekeeper.


I have also got many plans for my home now. I have many jobs to get done and organised to make this house more functional and effective for both me and the kids.

Decluttering is on my list and I am enlisting help. I have the clingiest baby which is not something I have experienced previously. She makes it quite difficult to get much done. Even with others she is difficult but at least it is extra eyes. She learnt how to climb the stairs today… oh the joys!

Decorating is going to happen too, we have never formally organised the house and made much effort to make it our own so I will be ensuring that the house is more cosy and settled but be doing it without buying much. We will be creative and make things, buy second hand or utilise what we have differently.

I do want to buy a second lounge for the kids. We only have a 3 seater lounge and there are six of us so I would like to make sure we have another 2-3 seats at least. We can fit 4 at a push on the couch but its quiet uncomfy. I will try and find a small second one to keep in the play area and pull across to the lounge for movies etc as its right next to it.

I have sold more of our belongings this week which will make a difference as well when the funds clear and I post them off. Both space increased and money I need in my account.

Ok enough from me bubba is waking and she is in my arms, I am typing one handed on my phone haha. It is long I apologise if you have stuck with me so far. This post will be about the changes I am making and the progress gained.


Gypsy (Qld) - 30 May 2017

My weight has been up and down and not really going anywhere for a long time. The best i achieved in weight loss was doing Michelle bridges program a few years ago. I went from 103 kgs to 86 kgs in a fairly short time,(six months) I was living in China at the time and I think that helped. I kept the weight off for about three years but it was hard and constant work. I had a gradual increase to 94 over a couple of years and then i went back to work. Regular morning teas, some take away and chocolate and I was hoovering around 98 when i finished work two years later.

I like to eat and i like most foods, as i am getting older though I am finding things harder to do at 64 and weighing 98/99 kilos. Going back to China for a few days my ankles swelled on the plane, the heat got to me and i wasnt able to walk as much as I used to, I knew I had to get some weigh off.

Somewhere i read about LCFH, I read some more and more. another SS suggested the FB group when I asked a question and so more reading.

Four days ago i commenced on LCFH although my first day wasnt very good, I had my normal/usual breakfast of oats and yoghurt, since MB I have had this for breakfast and DH usually prepares it. I did some shopping and bought cream, real butter and bacon.

I weighed and measured myself and set out for this new way of eating. 99.6 kgs, bust 115, waist 107 hips 120.

OMGoodness! i cant believe the food that I am eating and the fact that i am not looking to snack on something most of the time. Yesterday i visited my DGS in hopital, i knew that I wouldnt be able to buy anything suitable so I took my lunch cut up red caps, cucumber, cheese and a dipping sauce that I made from an avo and sour cream.

This morning I felt good and decided to get out the scales. weight 98.2 1.4 kgs down in three days! I dont usually lose a lot at first so this is great for me. looking for negatives as i was thinking it was just water I then got out the tape measure bust 112, waist 103 hips 117, all down three cms. i cooked breakfast an egg, three rashers of bacon, a couple of mushrooms and green beans.

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Wendy F ((Formerly Still Learning WA)) - 5 Jan 2017
Finally, a new thread for the new year. Been either too tired or too busy to get to it but here I am!

New Years Eve was entertaining. Poor DH had to work 530pm to midnight so I took Ddad and both girls across the road to our neighbours who had invited us. Table tennis table was in garage for the kids but the adults had lots of fun playing too. I rediscovered my teenage skills but sadly was not able to beat anybody. Managed to have conversations with a few people I did not know and was surprised to find a family I have known since kindy. Spent some time sitting by myself but I was content to stop and be quiet. Girls seemed ok so we ended up staying for the midnight countdown.

But the next day I paid for my fun. Sore, tired, cranky. Got up 630am with less than 5 hours sleep, but when I went to shower, instead I crawled back into bed and slept until 1130am. Finally got moving and faced the job of packing up Christmas tree and decorations but I just wanted to go back to bed. Cranky all day.

Monday 2nd woke up feeling a bit more positive. Cleaned kitchen bench, we all went to shopping centre for errands and lunch in the food court. Last day of holidays for DH and I. Didn't get much else done that day but was definitely feeling physically better.

Tuesday I returned to work but as expected, there wasn't much invoicing work for me. I had both girls and a friend out on the ice so I kept checking on them and took a break, and started with computer and printer issues but I was still struggling to fill my minimum 3 hours. Ended up photocopying for the bookkeeper which I didn't mind. Next week I'll be back to normal.

Today is Wednesday and I ducked out early for shopping and then had to dash back to collect DD12 who hadn't even brushed her teeth to go to dentist for scale and clean before orthodontist tomorrow. DD finally got some good appraisal for her clean teeth which was good as orthodontist is always saying her dental hygiene is not up to scratch.

I have 2 extra girls from next door overnight as their parents are at a wedding. I spent the afternoon picking up off playroom floor, wiping bird poop off window sill, tv unit and a board that sits on the floor for DD12 to practice tap dance. Which she doesn't. But the bird sits in front of the large ex bathroom mirror we hung on the wall, and sings to his prospective partner from his reflection. But the mess! I managed to vacuum and mop and wipe what I needed to. Had planned to get girls to help but DD12 managed to sprain her ankle yesterday and DD9 is getting increasingly defiant and difficult and they fought over the broom so I sent them to their bedrooms for quiet time and got on with the job by myself. Finally got it done, 4 mattresses moved in, bedding done. Took all 4 girls back next door for a swim then back home to get dinner going. Really tired but not cranky.

Well, as usual, lots more done in between but not going to go on and on. Already too tired to think and still trying to get girls to quieten down.



Mimi (Guardian of the Home & Budget) - 2 Sep 2015

Warning....this is a bit yummy!

It's a bit like the pulled pork that's all the rage at the moment, but lighter and fresher.

For six serves you'll need:

3 chicken breasts, left whole

1 chicken stock cube, dissolved in 1/4 cup boiling water

2 tablespoons Mirin (Japanese rice wine vinegar...not expensive...find it in the Asian section of the supermarket)

1 tablespoon soy sauce

1 tablespoon honey

3 tablespoons lemon juice

1 garlic clove, peeled and crushed

1/2 teaspoon minced ginger

1 tablespoon cornflour mixed with the same amount of water

Then just:

Put the chicken breasts in the slow cooker.

Combine all other ingredients in a jug or bowl and pour over the chicken, turning the chicken to coat it well.

Cover and cook on high for 2-3 hours.

Remove the chicken and shred it with two forks or allow it to cool slightly and shred with clean fingers.

Return the meat to the slow cooker for one hour more, to allow it to absorb the juices and flavour.

Serve over pasta, rice, on rolls, in a salad, or in wraps. Just as yummy cold.



Help with the recipe indexes please for iPad and iPhone


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It's about time I updated this blog here.

As it was September 2011 since I lasted post, not that I have been around the place just not writing here. What have I been up to you may ask!

There are a few indexes that I keep tabs on and making a few recipe threads while I am at it.

Here is the list of some of threads that I have put indexes into or keep tabs on for updated.

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Add favourite cake recipe here ... no 2

Add your favourite loaf recipes here! 2010

Cafe style banana bread from home 2007

Cake/slice/biscuit recipes without loads of butter/sugar

Cake mix cookies and all their variations - updates 2014

Recipe for cookies or cake in a jar for present

Ideas for using up broken biscuits (lots of them!)...? 2008

Recipes for Using Plain Biscuit Packets SS Collection -2017 plus 1934 recipes

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Healthy lunchbox slices, biscuits, muffins for school? 2008

Savoury biscuit recipes?

Savory treat recipes

Savoury slice recipes for lunch boxes? 2016

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Nanna's wholesome slices & cakes (for Mimi) 2008


custard and custard powder recipes wanted 2007

Custard powder recipes please 2009


Post your best cheesecake recipe here! 2008

3 or 4 ingredient sweet treats...add your recipes here 2008

Chocolate self saucing pudding recipe? 2007


Preparing meals for the cooler weather...slow cookers, braised things and one pot meals

Summertime and the cooking is easy...saving $$ when the heat is on! Index p4

Preparing meals ahead and looking after yourself in winter!

Preparing meals ahead for spring...crisp salads, juicy fruits, cooling desserts

Preparing meals ahead...soups, sauces, braises and bakes. 2014

Recipes for autumn/winter 2007

Winter Warmers - Caserole & Stew Recipes 2009

Mimi's favourite winter warming recipes 2009

Hot winter desserts, what's your favourite? Links in OP 2012


Desserts and sweet treats for recipe book 2006 Ron Joyce-Fry

How about this for a simple slice recipe? 2006 Ron Joyce-Fry

OAMC 2006 [plans & recipes]

What's your best frozen meal recipes? 2006

Help - meals to freeze 2007 - Dump Chicken in here.

OAMC - I have to brag and ask for ideas : ) 2007

Old recipes to share

Recipes from Gran's cookbook 2007

Lost Art of Handwritten Recipes 2014

Menu planning recipes - Jan/mre 2014

Menu planning recipes - Jan/mre - #1 2016

Easiest recipes

Your best recipes please

I'm known for my... [recipes]

Quick, impressive lazy dinners

You have 30 mins - emergency recipes - GO! 2011

Scrumdidlyumcious - Gourmet - Quick and Economical! 2008 Kimmie's

Show me all your wonderful Microwave recipes 2008

Recipes for teens wanted

Singles & couples: cheap, good, healthy food & lifestyle 2009

"Hungry for change" recipe thread

Get organised for back to school - lunch & snacks to freeze

Back to school baking!

Lunch box fillers 2006 Ron Joyce-Fry

Seasonings - a thread to collect them all 2008


Cob Dip recipes -2006

Recipes for home made dips 2006

Your favourite first course/entree 2007

SS dip recipes 2008

Favourite dip recipes 2008

Recipes for Dips 2014


Posh nibbles... add cheap bubbly for instant celebration! 2008

Doing Christmas Day nibbles - need original ideas 2008

Nibbles needed for Sunday 2008

Upmarket nibbles at budget prices 2008

Easy canapes and nibbles for all times 2011

Making nibblies without paying a fortune 2011

Vol au vent recipes 2007


How to make Jams-help pls 2006

Preserving Recipes 2009 Sara's

The Simple Savings preserves cupboard: open now! 2009 Sara's [Index for this thread is in the next link]

The SS preserving cupboard: now filling shelf 2 2009 Sara's [here]

Please put all bottling recipes here (jams/pickles etc) 2008

Recipe for a stir fry sauce for bottling? 2009 Sara's

Preserving & canning #1

Welcome to Summer! (UK style...) 2009 Preserving recipes


Pie maker recipes - collect all in one thread 2008

I'm in love with my pie machine! 2007

Your favourite pie maker recipe? 2007

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Dream pot for no fuss cooking

Bellini Kitchen Master - recipe test kitchen 2012 closed

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SS Recipes for the Thermomix...2016


Christmas menus - what worked? 2006

Menu plan for Christmas 2007

Mimi's Christmas 2008...Feast for 20 for under $200 2008


Foolproof recipe for edible Christmas treat wanted 2007

Christmas pudding recipes 2014

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Leftover Christmas Fruit Cakes and Plum Puddings

Can you post your Christmas cake recipe pls? 2009

Christmas leftover recipe thread 2007

Christmas Day salad ideas 2015

Christmas home-made gifts, list them here 2007closed - Index is in the 2008 below

Christmas home-made gift ideas 2008 Index 2008 plus Index for 2007


Easy Japanese cooking

Chinese, Thai, Asian recipes, I want them all! ;)

Thai noodle recipe...for Tracy H and Katrina H...enjoy!

Indian recipes

Indian side dishes

Daughter's Indian food homework 2009

Curry lovers 2007

What is the trick to a fabulous curry? 2008

Going with Indian style cooking to save money...

Egyptian koshari - cheap & tasty

TexMex recipes

Crockpot refried beans - Like Mexican? You'll love these! 2008 Mimi

Southern USA recipes

Traditional Irish baking/recipes

.Low GI recipe ideas that don't cost a fortune

Low GI - pls post recipes & snack ideas here...

Low carb, high fat recipes 2014

Mediterranean diet recipes 2016

The Dukan Diet Recipe Book 2010

Slimmers dinners to love and look forward to... droooool... 2008


Tofu meals 2007

Tasty tofu recipes please anyone? 2009

Tofu vegetable quiche 2013

Vegan Scrambled Tofu 2013

Calling Vegetarians/Vegans 2007

Vegan recipes please 2009

Vegan morning tea. What to serve please? -2008

Vegan recipes (no meat, no dairy, no egg!) 2012

30 day Vegan challenge. Support appreciated! 2013 -Mimi blog

Anyone have a vegan monthly menu plan? 2014

Vegetarian or Vegan Potato Recipes 2015


Vegetarian Christmas 2007

Vegetarian recipes 2006 Roy Joyce- Fry

Vegetarian recipes for cookbook 2006 Ron Joyce-Fry

Vegetarian tips needed 2008 *

Favourite vegetarian recipes 2008*

Any vegetarians willing to share their weekly meal plan? 2008

It's National Vegetarian Week! 2009 *

Vegetarian meals suitable to freeze - recipes please 2009

Vegetarians - your advice please 2009

Vegetarian mains 2010

Low fat, vegetarian, cheap meal ideas needed 2010

Vegetarian advice needed 2013

Recipe for a good vegetarian curry that carnivores will love? 2013

Vegetarian only plz, slow cooker recipes :) 2010

OMG - DH wants to be a vegetarian! 2009

Vegetarian meals needed 2011

Vegetarian advice needed 2013

Vegetarian freezable meals (i.e lasagne, soup) 2015

What's your favourite veggie dish? 2009

Vego meals for a meat loving family, help needed. 2011

No meat meal ideas 2008 Kimmie recipes

Meatless meal ideas !! 2007 index

Vegetarian Meals - Main Meals without Meat 2007

Egyptian Koshari - cheap & tasty 2009

Smart chilli absolutely delicious and cheap! 2008 (5 Star )


Gluten Free

Variety with gluten free cooking

Gluten free cupcake or muffin recipes please

Gluten free, dairy free dessert ideas?

Dairy free, gluten free tried and tested dessert please?

Gluten free menu ideas please

Some of my gluten free recipes

Gluten free cooking thread - closed 2008 [Index for this thread is in the next link]

Gluten free cooking thread 2 here

Gluten free Christmas recipes

Thermomix and gluten free - recipes please 2011

Gluten free friand recipes 2015

What can I cook for a friend who is Coeliac? 2009

Please share your favourite/best gluten free recipes 2013

Gluten free dinner ideas? 2006


Any ideas on 'How to deal with allergies or food intolerances' in School Lunch Box

Failsafe yummies & recipe to keep DH & the kids happy

Fructose malabsorption recipes 2009

Vegetarian gluten, fructose, lactose-free recipes? 2010


Hints from the depression era

Hints from the depression era - Mk 2

No spend 2008 -2014 - recipes 2011


Home made beauty products 2008 [70 posts]

Home made beauty products 2008 Kimmie [7 posts]

Homemade beauty products - list them here 2008 [32 posts]


Help thread for finding threads if you can't find them! - Links only.

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