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Episode 1: No cash? Need help? Listen to this!

2017 Jun 12

Welcome to our very first Simple Savings podcast! Having no money really sucks, so we've hit the airwaves in order to try and help people change that and work towards building themselves a nest egg. As anyone who is familiar with Simple Savings knows, we do our best to make saving money easy and enjoyable so that EVERYONE can succeed. In this introductory podcast, Fiona and Jackie begin delving into some of the reasons why some people just never seem to have any money. Are you buying too much junk without realising? How do you know? What should we even classify as junk anyway? Listen in and find out - you may be very surprised!

PS: Your feedback is really important to us. If you like what you hear, or have any suggestions on what topics you would like us to cover or how we can improve, please fill in and submit our feedback form. Better still, if someone you care about is struggling with money and you find our podcasts helpful or enjoyable, please tell them about us so that we can help them too!

PSS. WORKSHEETS!! We have made worksheets for Simple Savings Vault members. Here is a link to download them.