Customers' Comments

"I just wanted to let you know that your site is amazing. My partner and I have a ten-month old son and have been living with my family since his birth because we hadn't financially prepared ourselves for the loss of my income while I was on maternity leave. For the last ten months I have been searching the Internet for money saving ideas and cheap recipes to prepare us for when we move back out on our own. I put off purchasing a Simple Savings membership, despite its high recommendations, thinking it would just have all the same ideas as all the other sites I visited for free. I gave in a week ago and purchased a subscription and have been pleasantly surprised! I have learnt more from the tips submitted to your Vault then I have learnt from all of those sites put together. It is well worth the money I paid for it. We are moving out in six weeks to start our life as a family and I feel completely confident that we will be financially stable despite me cutting back to part-time work to be at home with our son. Thank you for everything." (Emma Foster)

"Thank you for your great website. We found $9,000 owing to my husband in unclaimed super funds when we first joined thanks to your hint!" (Donna Crummer)

"Your last article about Sad Sally and Happy Hanna gave me a new perspective on trying to convince others of the benefits of frugality. I have a co-worker who is worried about money, yet when I try to suggest something to help her, she reacts as though I was advocating sackcloth and ashes! Older house for less rent? 'It's probably a dump'. Food on sale close to expiry date? 'Eww! Old food!' I was getting quite frustrated. Thank you for helping me take this kind of reaction less personally." (K)

"Just wanted to say thank you very much. Since joining this site I have started to change my ways and think outside of the square and it's starting to save me money. Thanks!" (Heather McCosh)

"I have been living in Japan for 12 months with my fiancé. My Mum sends us 'That's Life' magazine from Australia where I read about your money saving ideas. I think they're FANTASTIC! My friends and family are often horrified once they learn I've bought a new outfit or furniture from a second hand store but we don't like to pay retail. I firmly believe 'why buy when you can borrow?'! My fiancé often calls me 'Charity' as I'm often coming home with friends' junk and it becomes treasure. Thanks for the great tips - we'll use them wisely!!!" (Jodie Cook)

"Thanks to your website I have turned my savings around. Working with the Vault has shown me better ways to budget for household bills. I am 57 and this is the first year I have saved, instead of using my credit card for holidays, Christmas or clothes! I am now looking at retiring at 60, will have paid the mortgage off and have money saved in the bank with money to buy our dream house in cash. Tasmania here we come! My husband sends his thanks as he is looking forward to more fly fishing and I am looking forward to growing vegies and fruit as my parents did in England. What took me so long to see this common sense? You are worth your weight in gold!!! Thanks for my good life." (Lesley Barber)

"You have just published my piece about retiring in 3 years at the age of 60. Well I have turned my life around, checked my finances and am taking the big plunge. On the weekend we visited Tasmania and bought our dream home of a 14 square western red cedar home on 10 acres in a small township 25 km from Burnie. The money from the sale of our present home will pay off the rest of the mortgage, fully pay off Tasmanian property, pay off car loan (2 month old car with 3 year warranty) and money left over. The property has an orchard with fruit-bearing trees, berry plantation and large vegetable garden, plus 0.5 km boundary of trout river. We intend to build a chook pen and be able to grow most of our own fruit and vegies, with farmers' markets nearby for more savings. The rates are half what we pay presently for small suburban block and will only have electric bills. There are 5 acres of trees on the property so no lack of fuel for the big wood stove, huge rain-water tanks and bore, so no water rates. I will save approximately $2,000 a year on gas bills, no gas! I have worked out that we can live extremely comfortably on $15,000 a year. We are only waiting for settlement day, then no 3 hour commuting to and from Melbourne every day. I will be able to cook and bake again instead of rush meals and hopefully get slimmer and healthier. HUGE GRINS! We are looking forward to the rest of our life which will be for us, NOT for employers. Grateful thanks for making me think and have the courage to let go. My advice - don't dream, do it!" (Lesley Barber)

"Thank you ever so much for your site. After saving so much because of your awesome Simple Savings secrets, we are having a big holiday this month overseas seeing my family. Thanks Fiona. This is a real dream holiday after ten years!" (Mell & Roger Aganon)

"We are back after our big holiday and send a big thanks for all the Simple Savings tips. It was a perfect holiday for us. Because of all those savings, our dream was realised and you were a big part of it. We are now starting to save again for another one and with you and your readers' help, for sure, travelling again is not far behind. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!" (Mell & Roger Aganon)

"I had a good look at your wedding hints area as we are planning a simple wedding and want to keep the costs down. A REALLY wonderful tip was the one about the chocolate favours. We went straight down to the Chocolate Factory at Currumbin (Gold Coast, QLD, next to the Bird Sanctuary) and we found the hint was absolutely correct!... Absolutely fantastic - it was really special. Thanks very much for this great hint." (Marj Henderson)

"I want to commend you and the team on a great website. Being a single mum with lots of bills I know how hard it is to save money and keep a budget! Keep up the good work." (Kylie Cook)

"I had a look at your pics page and your kids are just beautiful. In your wedding pic you and your husband look like the happiest couple in the world, and with good reason! Thanks for everything Fiona, the website and emails have been an absolute godsend!" (Marie White)

"Thanks for a great website. Just wanted to comment on your Homeopathy story in the last newsletter. Our six year old has always been fit and healthy - until we moved to Sydney! We took him to see a qualified homeopath and it was absolutely brilliant. It has been a godsend to our whole family and Dominic hasn't needed antibiotics since he saw her. His whole system has been strengthened by it. Big grins from me too!" (Sandy Gunder)

"I do volunteer work with St Vincent de Paul, visiting people who find themselves in a position of financial crisis. We have a number of resources to assist them. I also give them the address for your website. This is a great resource for families, and individuals, who can easily access the Internet at their library. And for people who suffer from loneliness and boredom, browsing your website is a great way to pass the time!" (Narelle Jarvis)

"I would like to thank you for your site. It only took me nearly 10 months to save and become a member of your site. I joined last Thursday and I have had a great time searching the Vault and have saved my family $56 already. I have also written down five A4 pages of ideas that I would like to try. I have well and truly doubled my money already. Thank you very much and I will be a regular visitor to the Vault. Keep up the great job." (Debbie Schulze)

"I was really happy to find your site, as I am a single mother who has struggled with health problems and only worked part-time for the last ten years. Sharing ideas and reading other people's hints and experiences is terrific. Thank you." (Colleen Logie)

"Thanks for a wonderful website. I have saved heaps. I can spend hours looking for ways to save. Fantastic site. Keep up the good work." (Annette Perkins)

"I would just like to say a BIG thank you to Simple Savings and to Rob McGlynn because I recently saved $200 on a new ceramic cooktop by using the method described by Rob in his hint. I paid $598 instead of $798 and I was delighted! Thank you." (Tanya Wessels)

"Thanks for the great newsletters. Keep up the good work. Hope that the Simple Savings launch in New Zealand goes well. I am sure that the Kiwis will embrace you. As an ex-Kiwi, I feel really inspired when I hear about new things that happen between our two countries. Once again, keep up the good work." (Alison Johnson)

"I've been to Tasmania recently to visit my daughter, who is renovating an old heritage property there and having lots of fun finding stuff and especially enjoying the weather. I gave her the addresses of some of the places where she could get cheap things from the Simple Savings list and it has really helped. Thanks to the Vault!" (Ellen Thompson)

"Thanks for a truly wonderful website. There are some 'triers' out there and some very clever ones like yours! Thanks also for Priceless Pets. What a saving they offer!" (Lesley Lanyon)

"Thank you for a fantastic site. I have recommended it to many friends and family!" (Karen Croke)

"Just wanted to compliment you on your service. I found the site whilst searching for info for our clients who have no income and have a mental health complaint. We are constantly trying to find info to help our clients." (Jill Hopgood-Clark)

"I would advise people not to join any other online savings clubs! After my Simple Savings membership expired recently, I decided to try another money saving site, (which was also more expensive) only to find that I have not discovered a single thing on this site not already covered in Simple Savings. I have requested a refund, but have still not heard anything back (surprise). So it looks as if I have wasted $37 and am also missing out on my Simple Savings fix." (Sharon Kamphuis)

"I have been off work for over 12 months due to a heart bypass operation that threw the Doctors quite a few curves. I'm slowly recovering now but the upshot of this little tale is that after working for the last 38 years and having the luxury of two salaries, suddenly finding yourself with one salary and a mountain of bills to pay - not to mention all the out of pocket medical expenses that Medicare and private health insurance does not cover - was quite a shock! The information and tips that you have provided have saved my sanity and not to mention my bank account. Thanks to all the money we have saved my husband and I are going away this Thursday for a one night stay in the Yarra Valley so it's all worth it. Thanks again for all your help and the wonderful readers who contribute so much." (Gaylene Corp)

"Ok, I was a little skeptical about the savings on your site, however, have signed up! While I was browsing last night, I read the hint on using half the amount of an EasiYo packet to make up the same amount. I tried it, AND it worked!! So, by that one hint, I will recoup the cost of my membership in about a year. Anything above and beyond that is going to be a bonus. Thanks, and I am no longer so skeptical!" (Jennifer Murphy)

"I have just renewed my membership for another year and wanted to let you know that I think you're still the best money saving site around and doing a wonderful job with the Savings Vault. I am constantly amazed by the variety of hints people contribute and I love it when someone has a request and so many members reply with such varied ideas. I often pick up ideas myself from these replies! Keep up the good work and thank you also for the great calendar this year. So, from one happy simple saving money saver, have a good year and hopefully I'll be the first to think of a good idea one day and let you all know!" (Briget Taylor)

"I have found this site invaluable and really enjoy the newsletters and updates. I have also found some of the links especially good. We took your advice on your calendar for Valentines Day and shared an inexpensive but wonderful evening together. Thank you. You're doing a great job and obviously lots of people are benefiting from it!" (Lisa Teasdale)

"Thanks again Fiona for a wonderfully informative letter as always - you amaze me with small children that you have the time to do this for all of us who appreciate it so much." (Hazel K)

"Many thanks from a Mum to five, who stays at home quite comfortably, not in the least deprived, due to your great site!" (Sharon Miller)

"I am delighted with the savings I have made from Priceless Pets. What a fantastic saving tip from your website, and many thanks to whoever shared it with us all in the first place." (Vicki Moulds)

"I am very happy with the tips on your website and have been surprised by the many ways to save money that have been worked out by so many people. I have used the tips on printer ink replacements and so on. and saved more than my subscription cost in the process." (Derek Crowhurst)

"Thanks to your newsletters and Internet site, I have cut corners and have saved enough to purchase my first home - just last week. It only took me eight months to save the fees needed. (I got a cheap house from a relative.) I never dreamed I would be able to own my own home, but thanks to the many ingenious ideas you have and the constant motivation you provide I have." (Clare Burns)

"Thank you so much for providing this service. Since I began subscribing to the Simple Savings newsletter, I have managed to save $5,200 each year by not smoking cigarettes. I have set up BPAY to pay a certain amount each week off my Telstra and Country Energy accounts and therefore don't have to search for money every time a bill comes in. As a family we now work to a strict entertainment and pleasure budget each week. Thank you for being so inspiring." (Rhonda Jessup)

"I would just like to thank you for your suggestion about pension discounts from Telstra. We were under the impression that we were getting the pensioner discount, but on triple checking, we found we weren't, even though we were registered with our pension number, etc. This has been going on for a year, so I must stress to all pensioners to check and check again. If you can't see a discount on your account, you are not getting it. Pensioners are supposed to get both a rebate from Centrelink for the phone and a pensioners discount direct from Telstra. Apparently our discount will be back-dated from when we first supplied our pension number to Telstra. Thanks again. Without your Savings Vault I don't know where we pensioners would be. It's a great site worth much more than you charge." (Roxana Vinson)

"I have to say a HUGE thank you for having the intestinal fortitude to start this website. It is the most amazing place. I could spend hours and hours trolling through the hints but unfortunately I have to savour only bits and pieces as I need them. Anytime I'm going to purchase anything I take a stroll through the hints to see if I can make a saving on it. It's also got me thinking about how I can save on each and everything that I do and buy every day to make my life a little easier. It's also really great knowing that I am making a choice and winning the war against rising prices. So, again, thank you, thank you, thank you Fiona for seeing a need and answering it in such a fun, informal and practical way." (Shelley Maughan)

"I have used lots of hints and keep using them. I love using the vouchers that I print off the site. I get tips on where to shop for bargains, such as at Aldi. I even splurged and bought perfume from a net retailer, who charged half the retail price. Without Simple Savings I would never have achieved half these savings nor bought items as cheaply. I even have my friends intrigued and at work we have our 'swap cheap ideas and vouchers chats'. At the end of the day we all love a bargain." (Melissa Atkinson)

"Wow, what a great site! I'm a student, so saving is a priority, but I didn't even realise that I already followed many of the hints given. Many of the hints have been helpful for me. Many thanks!" (Marti Posadowski)

"I am from the US and really enjoy your site! Thank you. It's nice to see that frugal people are all over the world! It makes me feel very connected!" (Karen Harrison)

"I just want to say that I am glad I signed up. I found out on the same day how to save $360 per year by detaching my cheque book from my bank account (detached now). The next day I found a credit card for 9.5%for my son who owes $5,000, so the saving on interest is great. At present he is paying 16.9%. I also found a bank account that is more suited for his needs. I am very happy, and I still have the Vault to go through for yet more savings." (Evelyn Morrisson)

"Thank you for your handy savings tips. I recently got engaged, and my fiancé and I are planning to buy a house in the near future. The ideas that I receive are a fantastic way of saving money. Thank you for sending me your heart-warming emails." (Christine Kharman)

"To Simple Savings - I really enjoy your newsletter every month. It's hard to wait for the next one because I get so interested. I've read all the back issues and can't wait to see what comes next. Keep up the great work." (Beverly Allen)

"As a pensioner I really appreciate all the good advice given in the newsletters. I particularly loved the hint for putting the panty hose on the door stoppers, which I have done for front and back doors. As I live in the Blue Mountains where it can get very cold it was a very timely hint." (Joy Hart)

"I cannot believe the different ways your newsletter helps me to save money. I can really tell that you care and that this newsletter is not a business for you but a helping hand to us out here that need it. I plan on going home and starting a vegie garden this weekend. I'm so excited. Thank you for all your help." (Kim May)

"Just want to write a big Thumbs Up, and thank you for the info on Telstra pensioner discounts. I rang to enquire and it turns out I am eligible, and will save $150 (approx) a year. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about the discounts (and where I heard about them). I look forward to reading more ways to save money. Thanks Simple Savings and keep up the great work." (Heather Bunton)

"I just wanted to thank you for providing a wonderful (and much needed) website. It has been a real source of inspiration for me over the past year since becoming a stay-at-home-mum. Thanks again." (Philisity Dryden)

"Just a note to say thanks for your money saving ideas. Browsing through the baby section of the Vault, I found that there is a Mother's Choice factory outlet called IGC. We went there and WOW! We saved $240 on a brand new pram. The pram on the floor had dirty wheels, which is why it was reduced to $60. The lovely sales assistant then told us that she had found a brand new one still in the box, which she would sell to us for $60. She then gave us her card and told us if we saw anything in one of the retail shops that we liked, just to ring her and she would see what deal she could do for us. Well worth the drive if you are looking for a pram. Thank you again." (Rebecca McCarthy)

"I just wanted to say that I was really amazed that the Simple Savings team takes the time to write personal thank you notes - it really blew me away! It was most appreciated and really made my day. Thank you!" (Rosemary Finn)

"You are providing a great service to the Australian community. Well done and keep it up! We print your newsletter out each month and make a few copies available through various points at our community centre (emergency relief distribution, waiting/lounge room, reception, and so on.) and there are rarely any left at the end of the month." (Neil Williamson)

"What an absolutely fabulous site. I have seen so many ideas for saving money just in a couple of days. One of the great things about the site is that you don't have to spend money to save it. The hints are also well in line with conservation. Well done!" (Marina Kanaris)

"I just wanted to say a BIG thank you to ( because I just saved $100 on a new dishwasher. I checked out the stocktake sales on the web and found the lowest offer, which was from Good Guys down in Kawana in Queensland. We are about an hour away in Gympie, so I phoned the local Retravision and asked if they could match the price and they agreed, saving us the hassle of driving all the way down there!" (Tanya Wessels)

"After reading That's Life I couldn't wait to get on the Internet and check your site out. I am really excited to have joined such an inspirational site!" (Tracey Smith)

"Just scanning the Savings Vault I have discovered how to save a fortune on everything. In the first month I have saved about $150!" (Kylie Gray)

"I love Simple Savings. I have used some of the suggestions I have found here, particularly (, which has saved me heaps in buying stuff for my cats. I have also sent the website to a friend who has a menagerie of animals and she is grateful for the discovery. Thanks again and keep up the great work." (Kylie Steinbeck)

"Congratulations on your new bub. I am a first-time mother to a 5-month-old girl named Hailee. She was born five weeks early and is my pride and joy. Since reading about your site in That's Life, I have found myself looking to it daily for handy hints, which are so helpful now that I am not working. Congratulations on a fantastic site to help others." (Shara Louise Eley)

"Thanks for your wonderful site. I have saved heaps since first joining. Each time I get your newsletter I send it on to friends in the hope that they will join as well. I have a little laugh when I see your 'unsubscribe' thingy at the bottom of the newsletter. WHO would want not to get it?" (Faye Ramsden)

"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with your website and the whole idea - it's brilliant. What a bargain! Keep up the great work!" (Lindy Alacs)

"Just wanted to say thanks for your website - it's great. With my partner and I moving out for the first time it's a bit scary financially but with your website it has made it all that much easier to save and still have food on the table. It is such a relief to have people out there who want to help." (Suzanne Giblett)

"I just want to say that I LOVE your website. It's fantastic for poor students like me." (Briohny Flynn)

"Your site is excellent and one of my friends has recently joined. I've used many tips but most importantly my attitude has totally changed. I don't feel so 'poor' while I'm saving but excited!" (Suzy Hughes)

"Your Savings Vault saved a friend of mine a lot of money on perfume! They came around to see if we could find a bottle of Coco Channel on eBay (recommended retail price of $150 for a 50 ml bottle). I remembered one of the 'Hints of the Week' a while ago, went looking through the Savings Vault and found We were able to order her a 100 ml bottle for only $95.30! We doubled the size of the bottle and saved a massive $54.70! It was also a great feeling that I could use your website to help out a friend. Thanks heaps! Have a wonderful day!" (Wendy Jones)

"Please thank Karen Terry for suggesting to be nice to people in retail stores. I have a wood stove and my luxury in life is a hot cup of tea from my urn when the stove is off, but my urn died. I have been forced to have lukewarm cups of tea from my thermos for weeks. Today I spied the perfect urn for $120. I was really nice to the shop assistant - smiling so hard my face hurt - and she gave me a $55 discount. Now all I need is the plastic surgery to get the grin off my face. Thank you. I'm sitting here having a cuppa right now." (Paula Nowicki)

"I'm renewing my subscription. This would be the best money I have spent. There is so much information. I made use of such a lot. Thanks heaps." (Gale Shepherd)

"Have just renewed my membership for another year and just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed using Simple Savings and how I feel I have saved money and time using the tips on the site. From trying recipes or just buying products at the supermarket that have been recommended and especially the perfume websites, I have found things to be much cheaper or better value and the membership fee is definitely worth it for the money and time I have saved so far. I hope I will be able to contribute further tips this year, but every time I think of something or find a good idea, somebody has beaten me to it! Will keep trying. I especially like the discussion forum too for exchanging ideas." (Briget Taylor)

"After accidentally joining your site eight months ago I have saved enough to buy my own home. This year those credit card bills will go. Great site. Thank you for making a difference." (Devina Singh)

"Thanks for the free newsletters. I have found them quite useful despite being out here in Africa." (Rose Maringe, Zimbabwe)

"Thanks for that Fiona. I'm enjoying being a member of Simple Savings and have already saved heaps in various ways, but particularly on bulk ink from Easyrefills - a 'Hint of the Week' some time ago." (Win Brown)

"I love your website - it's so good to have one website packed with great savings tips from other people. I have utilised many of the ideas and it has saved me $$, which I'm putting aside in the bank. We are currently trying for a baby, and I'm looking into working from home in the next few years if possible instead of working for someone else. So thanks again for designing such a great website. It really is appreciated!" (Kathlene Jade Sheen)

"I am 53 years old and worked full time for 30 of those years. (Unfortunately I no longer do paid work due to my health.) What have I got to show for it? Certainly nothing in the bank! Thank you for your savings site and newsletters. I am now very vigilant about spending and always save where I can. I only wish that I'd had something like this years ago. Still, never too late as they say." (Pat Murphy)

"As a single mum and student I am always searching for ways to make my (little) money work harder (as big money!), and your site is a godsend in many ways. Keep up the good work!" (Karen, WA)

"You have a great website and the membership access to the Vault is wonderful. Keep up the great work!" (Kerie Howett)

"Many thanks for another great newsletter." (Esther Brooke)

"Keep up the good work. You are providing a marvellous service." (Barbara Eilert)

"After working out our budget I knew we had to reduce our grocery expenditure but had no idea how. Simple Savings has helped me to save over $30 most weeks - and often more." (Debbie Eustace)

"Since subscribing, I have been addicted to your site. The most useful so far have been the baby wipes recipe and using zinc cream instead of Johnson nappy rash cream. I have been addicted to the computer ever since!!!" (Anne-maree Cooper)

"Your site is ideal for a young man like myself who has just moved out of home. Saving money has got to be a top priority for me and now I'm confident that I can put a fair bit of $$ away by the year's end. Keep up the good work." (Matthew Granlund)

"You are doing a great job thanks." (Wendy Grant)

"I must say, it's great to see a site that offers suggestions that are relevant to SA and Adelaide. Good on you for promoting things that ALL Australians can take advantage of!" (Allison Kenny)

"Thanks for a great site!!!" (Ruth Lauster)

"*double big grin* for your website. It has been such a help to me. We are a one income family, so the hints are very helpful to save us money. I bless the day that I saw you on TV. Pity you weren't around when my kids were . I used to read the women's mags for all the hints I could get, but none of them were as helpful as your website." (Bron Schilling)

"I just love your site and the regular newsletters. The membership fee was well worth it." (Sandra Balonyi)

"I certainly believe that within 5 minutes of being on your website, I received a refund of my joining fee by gaining other saving ideas from other people. Great minds think alike." (Kelly Lakeman)

"Great idea, and superb tips. I was especially fond of the Father's Day ideas." (Kris Rhodes)

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