How to use t-shirt transfers

Here are the steps:-

Step 1. Choose t-shirt design

Have a look through our transfers by clicking here.

Then decide the colour of the shirt. If you choose a light colour such as white, cream or light grey, you need to buy light transfer paper. If you choose a darker shirt, buy dark transfer paper.

If there is a shirt design you would like that we don't have, send us a message and we will try to create it for you.

Step 2. Buy shirt

100% cotton plain shirts for kids are $3 and adults start at $4.50 from K-Mart.

Step 3. Buy transfer paper

Clear transfer paper for light coloured shirts is only $12 for 5 shirts at K-mart.

White transfer paper for dark coloured shirts is $20 for 5 shirts at Office works.

Clear transfer paper for light coloured shirts is only $30 for 10 shirts at Spotlight.

Transfer paper from light and dark shirts are available on eBay for around $1 per sheet.

Step 4. Print

After you have read all the instructions on the packet of your transfer paper, print a test run onto plain paper. Once you are happy with it, print the design onto your transfer paper.

IMPORTANT: Images on LIGHT coloured transfer paper are printed in REVERSE.

Step 5. Iron

Before you iron I recommend you watch Louise Fowler's tutorial below.

In it, she will tell you to use a:-

  • hard flat surface

  • dry iron

  • really hot iron

  • and to apply a lot of pressure.