Kids' Toy Box Labels

There are two reasons small children are messy. 1) You haven't taught them how to be clean, and 2) They don't know where the toys live.

We have created these labels to help you to teach your child to clean up their toys, as well as teaching your child to read, and building their self esteem and penmanship.

To teach your child how to put their toys away, print out these labels and help your child to colour them in. Then cut out the labels and attach them to the front of the drawer/shelf where you would like your child to store their toys.

Now help your child to put their things away by turning it into a game: Pick up one toy, ask your child, "What is this toy?" and then "Where does it live?" When they point to the correct spot on the shelf, clap and cheer. When they put the toy away clap and cheer even louder. Pretty soon your kids will learn where every toy goes and - more importantly - that putting away their toys makes Mummy very, very happy.


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