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Camping on the Cheap

Camping is one way you can get away for a family holiday without paying for expensive accommodation. Our tip sheet will show you how your family...

Hand-made Gifts for Christmas

You can give fantastic and cheap gifts to your friends by making them yourself. Here are a couple of great ideas to get you started.

New Mothers' Shopping Tips

There are so many ways you can save money when you have a baby. You will love this tip sheet. If one of your friends has just had a baby, print her...

Tricks for the Supermarket

Everyone can use this tip sheet to get more food for less money. There are tips for buying in bulk, comparison shopping, doing your homework,...

Freezer Tips

We have prepared a free tip sheet on freezing all kinds of foods, including a quick reference 'shelf life' guide and some great tips from the Vault.

Low Cost Cleaning

Think twice before buying expensive cleaners. There are tips for buying in bulk, home-made recipes, and general cleaning tips for the entire house!

Petrol Savings

The best way to save money on petrol is to stay at home, but that is not practical for everyone. So we have grabbed our favourite hints from the...