The Leg-up Program

What is the 'Leg Up' Program and how does it work?

At Simple Savings, we have two kinds of memberships. We have a free membership, and a paid one, known as a Vault membership. The Vault is where ALL the best stuff is among many other goodies unique to Simple Savings, you also get access to 20,000 carefully categorised money saving tips and a fantastic and supportive Forum.

It currently costs $21 per year to buy a Vault membership. Most of our paid members have been subscribing for many years, as they love the ever-growing content and sense of community. However, we realise that often the people who need help most are the ones who don't have $21 to give. This is why we have introduced what we like to call the 'Leg Up' program. Every time someone buys a full price membership, or renews their current membership we give one membership away. As well as enabling us to help many more people, it is also a wonderful feeling for those who purchase a membership to know that in doing so, they are also helping another person to make changes which can benefit them and their loved ones for life.

To send in an application you will need to be logged into our site. If you are not a Vault or free member you can become a free member here.