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Free hugs for Ssers needing a hug - #17
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SS Birthdays.....Joyful July 2019
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One Thing A Day Blueprint - July 2019
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Using laundry booster as replacement for laundry powder
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Anyone been to Japan lately?
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Going Lower whilst creating joy and happiness in 2019 - #14
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Compulsive shopping Addiction ( Doco / Tv episode)
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Scrimper or Cheapskate ... ( Documentary )
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Winter Activities in Camelot
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2019 - The $30k Club - #10 Uber Frugal July
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Striving, thriving and getting ahead in 2019 - #4
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Quarterly cleanout's and the 'Holding zone'
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Good morning #8
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Any knitters/crocheters on here? Let's chat #51
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Going Plastic Free
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Canned Australain Pineapple
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Organised Chaos - Oh my - Christmas in July!!
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50c indulgences
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My perspective on card making, scrapping, off the page & life in general - #11
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Declutter/minimalist game - July 2019
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Coles Little Shop 2 SWapping Thread
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The forum is the heart and soul of the Simple Savings Community. Here is what our members have to say about their forum:

Ms (Victoria)

I joined SS for the tips, but appreciate the people much more. I've learned so much; cried at the stories shared; laughed at the wonderfully crazy people whose sense of humour makes my day and have been amazed at the depth of knowledge that has been accumulated on the site. I actually met a fellow SS’er who lives in my rural village and we have become firm friends. Thank you Fiona and staff for your efforts and great success in keeping Simple Savings so relevant in my life.

Shelstar (NSW)

I came for the money saving tips, and stayed because I found my peer group.

Simone (NSW)

Money is one of those things that many people do not talk about and certainly not with a lot of candor. Mostly bragging about what stuff they have. I can honestly say that by reading other people’s experiences and difficulties it has helped me change my mind set about money. To be more aware and more pro-active.

This has made a huge difference to our family, due to the advice I have gleaned from everyone that has posted over the last 3 years we are in such a better place than we would have been. And the flow on effect of not having financial stress is endless.

E.Clare (VIC)

In a world of consumerism and keeping up with the Joneses and ever climbing debt levels I love coming here to see people challenging that. Keeping grocery shopping down, decluttering, paying off mortgages, living the high life on very little. Encouraging others to do the same. Love it:)

Eldy (VIC)

I was a member for over 12 months before I found the Forum. All I can say is WOW! The Forum is changing my life. I check in a couple of times a day.

It is inspiring, educational, supportive. It is stretching and changing my concept of what is possible. Now we have a chance of getting out of debt before my husband retires. I couldn't see how that could happen before. The Savings Diary I have used daily for the past 13 months and it has been a wonderful tool. I also like that there is NO advertising.

Bev (NSW)

I live comfortably on a modest retirement income thanks to this site. According to the 'experts' I should be miserable on my 'low income' but in their dreams!

Milly Molly Mandy (NSW)

I absolutely love the community feel. I will be forever grateful for all the tips and the support (from afar) that the Simple Savings Community has given me over the last 18 months. I managed to achieve a reduction in my debt that was 100x what I thought I could achieve.

Seachange (NI)

Sometimes, when I'm struggling with a day to day question regarding issues such as cooking, gardening or health issues, Simple Savings is like being able to call on a team of knowledgeable Aunties and Uncles for advice. Not really having older relatives myself to pass on that knowledge to me it's been something I've really appreciated and I have learnt so much since being on the site. A lot of what people probably learnt from their parents in the past has been lost or watered down due to us living in the age of instant everything and SS is a vehicle to retain that knowledge.

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