This is not one of those minimalists "things I no longer buy" posts. This is more of running list of things to remind me that I have plenty of these items to last me quite a while, in an effort to help me stop getting caught up in the buy more before you're even close to finishing the old one trap.

I really have a bad time in estimating how long it will take for me to use something up or wear something out. I usually greatly underestimate the length of time and so I purchase the new item and then because I bought this awesome, bright, shiny new one I decide to stop using up the old one because it's so boring because I've been looking at it so long and I abandon it to become clutter and waste. I think this is actually partly caused by all the marketing that it thrown at us trying to get us to buy the latest one or update or whatever. It even happens to me with shampoo for gods sake. Oh the shame!

Anyway let's make me aware and accountable. Oh yeah.

The List

Art and craft supplies such as and not limited to:

washi tape

ribbon (oh my the ribbon)

patterned paper

coloured 12x12 cardstock

coloured card size cardstock (A5)

paint and markers and other colour making things

inks and sprays

rubber stamps (and clear ones)

cutting dies



glues and tapes

art journals

old books to upcycle



Pen pal stuff:

letter writing paper



small gifts like cute sticky notes etc


Other random:

adult colouring in books

clothes (trying not to buy anything new - except undies - for the whole year, will allow an occasional op-shop outing if I am struggling)



soaps, shampoos, conditioners (am trying to use my motel stash up)

pet shampoo

dog toys (alas they do not play)

dog "clothes"




essential oils!!!

toilet paper


I may have to update this post as I think of more things - I'm sure there is more! Also I will update the list when I use something up (check back in a few years ha ha ha). Or when I fail, fingers crossed I don't.

What do you have loads of that you want to use up?

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A week ago I got a Dorothy the dinosaur tail from the op shop. It was a bit flat and the elastic was ruined and knotted

So I unpicked the base of the tail took the elastic waist strap out, put more stuffing in the tail (using an old pillow )and then I sewed a kids belt onto the tail so it is usable again

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I've decided to change the name of my blog. I've always gone by the moniker krismakes as my previous blog was all about me making stuff, crafting, baking, cooking... you get the picture. However, now on this blog (which is only available exclusivley ha ha on Simple Savings) it's more about me getting all my thoughts out and improving my writing skills. So drum roll please for my new blog name "The Voice Inside My Head". Ta-dah! What do you think? Wait hold that thought while I tell you about the meaning.

I've actually spoken about it before on this very blog - the fact that I can hear myself speaking inside my head to someone (me? you?) as if we were sitting across from each other in conversation. No that's not quite right. It's not a two way conversation. It's more like the voice is telling a story. It's my voice, essentially me but I'm speaking inside my head as if I were reading out a blog post. The more the voice talks the more ideas pop into my head about what I want to talk about. Is this making any sense? Because to me it makes total sense. Does anyone else experience this? Is it something that's common among writers as they gather ideas about their next novel/story/blog post? Not that I am a writer or author or anything remotely awesome like that (yet - let's just say it's a goal).

While this name may not translate to the big world wide web later on when, or if, I decide to go completely public with my blog, I think it is a really good fit for now. I actually googled the phrase and most of the results* that came up were psychology related about the "little" voice inside your head which, it turns out is called inner speech, also known as inner-monologue. I guess I could have called this blog Inner Speech or maybe Outer Speech since I'm putting all that talk inside my head out for (almost) everyone to read. But I like The Voice Inside My Head. Plus the meaning of inner speech is "the silent expression of conscious thought to oneself in a coherent linguistic form" and I'm definitely not keeping these thoughts to myself.

Anyway that's probably enough rambling for now, so welcome to The Voice Inside My Head, I hope you enjoy!

* interestingly the other results included the song I Miss You by Blink182 - a great song by the way, and a book by S.J Laidlaw, which I have not read but will probably put on my list now!

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Giving myself a challenge (out of necessity) to not spend any unnecessary money.

DH's work situation is .. Complicated but we do have some money coming in. And DD changed school this year so we had to fork out for new uniform etc on top of Christmas etc

So the plan is :

*Use woolworths click and collect for weekly shop to prevent impulse buying

*have already sorted out the birthday presents until April so I have no excuse for going shopping 😂

*medication food, petrol, church giving pet food regular bills (e. g. Utilities) are what I can spend on

*going to be tracking our electricity usage again

This weekend is a good friend's 40th which is 2.5 hours away. Instead of all of us going and having to spend money on a hotel room, I am going by myself It will cost in petrol but I won't be buying food or anything while out

Today I had to wait out for my school aged DD with my toddler, so we went to the library and borrowed some Emma Wiggle CDs and read lots of books while we were there.

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And I mean ALL of the things.

Sunday morning my breakfast was: leftover leftover tuna a la king* (leftover from dinner the other night when we had it over pasta, which was frozen leftovers from when I made it fresh and we had it over rice), on top of a free bakery roll (from a massive bag of leftover rolls from the Australia Day bbq/ceremony in town that my DP volunteered at and brought home to save them from the bin - because he knows that would have given me frugal nightmares) with sliced (from the cheapest largest Coles brand block) tasty cheese on top. I toasted the pre sliced roll under the grill while warming the tuna a la king in the microwave then popped it all together with the slices of cheese and stuck it back under the grill (on an oven safe plate because who wants dried out tuna stuck to their grill rack?).

Can I tell you it was delicious? Even though I did not want to have tuna a la king on a roll for breakfast this morning? Even though I really wanted pancakes? Even though I was sick of seeing the container of leftovers in the fridge guilty me with "why am I still here" vibes? Even though it didn't look very appetising because I'd use red capsicum when I originally made it, so it was a weird orangey brown colour?

Folks, it was soooo amazingly delicious that I savoured every last bite. And then I revelled in the feeling of pride for doing something I did not want to do but that I made successful in spite of that. I'm was happy about this that I treated myself to second cup of (instant) coffee.

I'm sure many of you are familiar with the phrase to "eat all of the things". Especially if you follow along with any frugal/zero waste/simple life ideals. The reasons to eat all the things are many and varied but most cover the basics like: it can save you money, it can save on food waste, it can save on time. After reading a post on the Frugalwoods blog about this subject I have been re-invigorated to really try and do this hard core. Not that we waste a tonne of food but there are some things which I regret having to throw out or compost.

One of the big areas in our (as in me and DP's) food waste arena is ingredients. I look at Pinterest A LOT people. Probably too much in fact. As I happily pin away recipes for low-carb breads and biscuits, sugar free treats and so on, I spare no thought to the special ingredients that I will have to buy to make said recipes. Later I will add them to the shopping list, buy them and maybe use them once. Maybe not use them at all. Then one day I'll be looking at the stuffed to the gills pantry and crying "there's nothing to eat in here" (like the wardrobe dilemma).

So Phase 1 is to stop buying "special" ingredients. I've been working on simplifying our menu so that planing, purchasing and prepping is easy and almost automatic. For my regular recipes I do not need any fancy ingredients and therefore will not end up with weird ingredients in my pantry that I don't want to or don't know how to use (and don't want to spend hours of research finding recipes to use them - I'm one of those people that spends/wastes? hours doing "research"). This step also includes stopping myself from pinning non-basic/simple recipes and perhaps a declutter of my Pinterest boards.

Phase 2 is to use up any special/weird ingredients I already have. If calling spelt or steel cut oats weird offends you, I do apologise profusely. I only mean that they are strangers to me. They may be essential food staples in YOUR pantry and that's okay. You do you and I'll do me. So if i'm not going to spend time researching how to use these special ingredients how will I know how to use/cook them? As most of them are substitute ingredients like rice malt syrup I can use them up in my day to day cooking. For anything that I really have no clue I will allow myself to have a very quick look for one recipe to use the item up. No pinning 6 recipes for besan flour!

Phase 3 is to cook less. Whaaaaat? Yes, I need to cook smaller quantities. While I love leftovers and could eat something five nights in a row, freeze some of it and later eat it for another five nights in a row my dear DP could not. And that's okay because we are all different and I am growing to realise that I must judge less and compromise more especially with those I care about. So back to the Tuna A La King recipe. It makes a lot. So I froze the leftovers in one container but then had too much leftover defrosted leftovers. Do you get what I mean? In this case the solution is actually to freeze smaller portions as the recipe is not worth reducing but in other instances I just need to cook a bit less. Maybe just so there's one other dinner or lunch for both of us leftover which can be eaten the next day or so or frozen for later. Most of the time I cook too much of a side like steamed veggies or salad. This is less easy to use up because salad goes soggy and the veg is usually only a spoonful not another sides worth. So I need to think a bit more when I'm preparing these sides rather than keep chopping on auto pilot. And perhaps keep in mind some ways I will use any minute leftover veggies.

Phase 4 is to label, label, label. I am actually getting better at this already. I use washi tape (the cheap not really true washi tape type) and a permanent marker to label my containers. The washi peels off without leaving an annoying residue which is great but the wastage of washi is a bit bothersome. Even though it's the cheap stuff, it will run out and I am not buying cheap washi ever again! I did read recently that chalk markers (that cafe's use on their boards) will stay on plastic lids in the freezer and then wash off in the dishwasher so this might be a good alternative. Will look at investing in one at a later date. I have also been keeping a list of the main meats and meals in the freezer and any bonus meals or ingredients that accumulate like some cooked sausages that I can use in a hot pot later on. This is really helping me use what we have rather than buying it and then discovering that I didn't need to!

So that's my plan to eat all the things, saving money, waste and time in the process. What do you do to avoid waste in the food arena? I'd love to hear your ideas.

* Tuna A La King is a Quirky Cooking Thermomix recipe (which I can no longer find on her site - insert sad face), I guess it's a bit like a mornay without the cheese? It's one of my faves because it's easy, ultra fast, cheap, freezes beautifully and is adaptable. You can make it meat-free, with tinned tuna, with chicken or pop in some leftover cooked meat - you don't even need that much to add to it.

Side Note: here is an article about various thermo cookers if you are curious as to what they are/do. It was written by an Thermomix publication but I think it's a pretty well rounded, not too biased article. I myself have the original TM31 which I am very happy with.

Photo by Edgar Castrejon on Unsplash

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Hi. Yes I decided to keep going. As the title suggests, I want to be braver, stronger and smarter then last year. Already feel that I have been getting stronger, braver and smarter but obviously had some downfalls last year. But I feel I am on the right track and my DōTERRA business has given me a purpose and the willingness to push new boundaries. I want to be able to celebrate my successes, not just what I managed to screw up.

First week of the new year has been bit of a blur. How often did I use that term last year? But I have been very productive. Extra family staying over Christmas left on New Years Day. I have managed to undecorate the Christmas tree and pack decorations away, packed room decorations away, washed extra bed linen used plus washed nearly all of our winter bedding, so doona and cover and blanket from our bedroom, girls bedrooms, spent 2 hours with both girls emptying out their wardrobes and drawers and ended up with big piles of clothing no longer wanted. Disappointed that so many items bought for DD14 for birthdays or general were not wanted. A dress jumper I was so sure she would appreciate to be given from DMIL but no. A jumper I wanted for myself in that perfect shade, perfect chenille wool that I can wear as I cannot wear proper wool but I bought it for her in smallest lady size. That cleanout promoted an extra tonne of soaking and washing and I was so over washing but got it done and now am back to normal. Have managed 2 extra loads of pillows and love that new machine bought in Dec can take bigger items so I don't have to lug down to laundry.

Have been using early morning time when would normally be getting girls ready for school, making lunches etc for catching up on paperwork in study. Worked through OT bills and matched up health insurance claims which took more reconciling than I expected. Found one not claimed (still not done), one paid twice to credit card, one not paid so evened out. For 5 bills, it took ages. Next day checked orders and took out anything finished with. That might have happened in Dec while family was still here.

I do know that once family left, I got stuck into working. If I didn't have time in the day I worked after dinner. I did 2 nights in a row but realised I was pushing too hard. Nearly named this blog "and she pushed" but that isn't entirely appropriate! Now I am trying to work 3 hrs per day but some days like today I was out too much to do anything and I spent early morning processing receipts. Yes I know, still trying to juggle too many balls but will do so until I get the business going to the point that I have to drop some balls. I spent last 6 months making notes and prepping documents but not actually preparing. Have made a little headway in that but my priority is still trying to get my mountain of training notes sorted so I can actually use what is in there, checklists drawn up. I finished my host letter and "you have oils, now what?" letter late last night and I am glad they are done, but also proud of them. Yes they were taken from other people but I found the suggested recipes to go in the host letter that aren't too alternative. I do have a bad habit of not wanting to use other people's work and create my own from scratch (have always done that with any printable I found online whether it was to be paid for or free and I think "I can create that". I do love creating documents and formatting and so on so it is a nice part of my business. Must be because my first job was graphic design, working for printer and newspaper publisher so I prepared newspaper layout and business card and invoice design etc. Only problem now is our whole business is supposed to be duplicable and easy for someone else to follow. But I feel if I can do the hard work, I can give to my builders when I actually get some!

Today was only typing from scribbled notes from various training. Separating into topics and I am finding it is less murky than in a big file even with sections. Found some good info today and typing up like index cards but A5 cut in half. Make sure it easy to find info at hand but will see how much I get through. Making up checklists and to do lists as I sort through so feel like I am being a bit more productive than last years standing wondering what I have to do. Got DD14 to make up 1ml sample bottles with 10 drops of oil for going into host bags (for making their food with essential oils to supply on the day) and I realised I had told her lemon, lavender and peppermint but should have been wild orange not lavender. Only had enough bottles for 3 of each so bit peeved off at myself. Rushing as usual.

I discovered on FB that female staff that took over my job has moved away from Perth. Not that I expect to get a call asking me back but I decided today no way will I return. This is far less stress for me, will build and already has built my confidence and I love the work. Beats chasing debtors.

I haven't had any big meltdowns but have had a few upsets. One of my biggest frustrations is that DH does not talk. I read on the Love Languages email last week that people who don't like to talk are usually attracted to those who do like to talk and they think oh that's good, I don't have to make conversation. The person who does like to talk thinks the other person is a good listener. Well I have neither a good talker or a good listener. I knew he was making an effort so I decided to tell him I had worked really hard on time blocking that day. Oh, what's time blocking? Where you block a certain amount of time to work on a particular job so you can focus on only that instead of everything else you need to work on. Oh yeah, I do that, block off my calendar. Yes but not a whole day. I got upset. I was already tired, feeling down & every time I manage to do something new he has already done it, knows it back to front. So no recognition that I am trying to change my ways.

I thought it had to be hourly but I watched a video that suggested 3 hrly - morning, afternoon, evening plus after kids to bed. So I tried it and I got a solid 3hrs work done. Was late in starting and missed my morning routine as I had a stupidly bad nights sleep and didn't start my day until 930am. But I can allow time for housework and home paperwork for an hour each after school then work until school pickup time.

Will be trying to re-commence classes in Feb but at the moment have bankrupted my business account. Had hoped to run first MOO Cleaners class but still need more supplies.

Well, had better get moving. We go away tomorrow for a week so you will already have a break from me. Been madly tidying up ready for cleaner tomorrow morning. Reorganised DD11's bedroom shelves so hopefully less stuff on floor. Easy dinner of frozen pies, sausage rolls etc tonight. Don't have to leave early but still got lots to do in the morning.


Luv Wendy

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I have been retired from the workplace since the beginning of April last year (2018). Health problems kicked in due to the amount of stress I was under both at work and at home. Now I just have home stress.

That's enough, isn't it?! The health problems that I was dealing with have mainly gone, still have the regular ones.

We have recently moved into a set of units that are for people over 55. And DH is now talking as though he is going to die next week at the latest. DAH! He is four years younger than me, albeit in a great deal of pain. He carries on as though being in a place for older folk is the death knell and we had better pay attention.

I want to live my final years.

I am having trouble with being satisfied with not spending my retirement how I thought I would - traveling and enjoying it happily with a reasonably healthy spouse. We cannot travel because he cannot due to pain and total lack of any sort of comfort while in a vehicle of any sort. Going to the local shops is hard work for him. I do all the driving and all the shopping and all the housework, etc. Trying hard not to be upset about not being able to share my retirement with my DH.

I do not think that I am capable of traveling far, but any suggestion of a trip to the coast for a few days is rejected as too impractical. Although he wanted me to buy a caravan with my super money. Ehh, how was he to handle traveling with a caravan when he cannot get into the car without assistance? And who was going to be setting it up when we reach our destination! I cannot do it all by myself. We have had caravans before, so I know the work needed to be travel with one.

He has some ideas that to me seem very strange. A suggestion from me that we hire a cabin in a caravan park is not acceptable.

I have tried to get him to look at joining groups (for years). He is jealous that I go to a sewing group, but I have spent many years building that relationship with those people. He has not done this. He is a member of the RSL and is accepted there, but doesn't go as it hurts to get in and out of the car. People will only visit so many times before they expect reciprocal visits or see an effort to join in somewhere.

He has joined clubs over the years, but he never sticks to it as he always finds a reason to leave and move on. Or he joins a group that he wants me to be part of, but holds no interest for me what so ever or if it does, I cannot attend as the travel arrangements do not allow it. Such as joining a motorcycle group for couples, then having a motorbike that could not take both our weights on it.

Oh dear, I do hope that I don't sound as though I am whining. I am trying hard not to. I just do not know what to do with him or for him.


New post, old one got LONG

Purging and decluttering has been a major focus in my life for a long time. I am finally getting to a point where I struggle to find some things but as I tell others its a constant and revolving process.

I decluttered books fully over 2 years ago, we reduced from three huge bookcases to three shelves of one of those bookcases. However, I did put the picture books into storage and I have found over time more have crept in and as I went back to uni my textbooks would come in and have not left, some cookbooks have crept in.

Now textbooks was easy, I went through my booklists and took out the ones for the topics I have finished and passed and have them on my desk to post for sale.

Harder was cookbooks... now there is some irony here because I DONT USE COOKBOOKS! So far I have pulled out 7 books but there is at least another 5-8 I should get rid of.

Kids books, oh boy. I will go through those this week and see how much I can get rid of. Bubba has half of under her bed full of books and she sticks to the same 5-10. I will keep some but I think the bulk can go. My sister can take some for her son or they can go, we just dont need it all!


Craft.. ugh so hard to deal with. It creeps and creeps and then all of a sudden there is a box under the desk, an over flowing cupboard behind the desk and never time to do it all.

This weeks purge goal is to reduce the space enough to get rid of the box of fabric under my desk. I want nothing but my laptop case stored under my desk anymore, drives me crazy.


the playroom :( Such a hard area as I feel guilty getting rid of gifts but honestly bubbas favourite toys are my gadgets draw and our camping headlamp. I could easily reduce her toys by 90% and I dont think she would notice but then i feel guilty. HELP!


DUN DUN DUUUUUUNN the kitchen.

As my kitchen gadgets thread I need to clean out some gadgets. But not only gadgets but the pantry prob needs a quick purge, its not too bad in there but always pays to check.

The cupboard could use a quick clean through as well and reduce by hopefully 10%

My goal by september is to have my house and garden 90% of the way to where i want them.

I have a gardener who takes care of my yard for me now, he is on top of getting things cleaned up and contained. My job is just to source a really nice family table and chairs to eat at outside, we never have as a family since bub was born as I had to leave my tables behind when we moved here.

The house... is mostly there. Like I can safely say there is NOTHING in my lounge room to go, it is perfect just needs a couple of cushions for the couch and a new blanket.

Our house is set up with a sunken lower area. So when I say upstairs its literally 3 steps LOL. But downstairs we have our lounge/play room. The main lounge faces the tv and then off to the left in what used to be a bar area nook is now my kids play area. THen through the big french doors is a huge dining and kitchen.

Upstairs is the second lounge which is my 'office' it has my desk and craft cabinet etc. No couch or anything up here. Then off the entrance (other side of office) is 4 bedrooms, bath and laundry. My goal is to literally start at one end with the kitchen/dining and work my way room by room through the house removing as much as I can and get rid of it ALL by the middle of september when we have everyone come for bubbas second birthday

Lets get ruthless!


So, dear SSers - the previous blog post seemed to take off on its own! As promised, I've put together below all the hints and tips I've gleaned from watching sale cycles and maintaining my own stockpile reserves. Without further ado, here is what is in my stockpile. For reference, it's just DH, our GSD and myself at the moment, working on expanding our tribe in 2018! *prays for baby dust!*


  • Toilet paper - Who gives a crap? Bamboo rolls
  • Shampoo and Conditioner - I use Davroe when on sale at Hairhouse Warehouse, its a vegan brand made in South Australia. DH uses Heads and Shoulders, I can often find this at the Reject Shop for $12. All of it is made in Thailand and imported into Australia so it is the exact formulation, otherwise it can be found on sale at Coles and Woolies.
  • Shower gel - Natures Organics - can be found for $2 for 500ml on sale at Woolworths)
  • Soap - This is for DH, he loves Dove. 95c at The Reject Shop - I stock up on a few at time whenever I'm in the shopping centre.
  • Razor blades - Gillette Spa - it's rare, but you can find a 12pk on for $30. - I bought the maximum limit 2 years ago, and still have half left.
  • Deodorant - whatever natural one I find on special! DH uses CK one- DJ's sale for that one!.
  • Tissues - Kleenex Aloe Vera when on special
  • Cotton buds, cotton pads- Swisspers, I find the other brands fall apart too easily.
  • Sanitary pads (Libra - can be found on sale $2.75 for 10pk- watch the sale cycles at Coles and Woolies and stock up)
  • Pore strips- I have a Dr Pimple Popper type obsession with pore strips- not fussed on brand, will buy whatever is on sale! has some good 3pk deals.
  • Toothbrushes -, Colgate $12 for 12, have found 3pks of Oral B for $1.50 at Chemists- I keep this in a large Sistema klip it container
  • Toothpaste (DH uses Sensodyne - never pay more than $5, occasionally this can go down to $3.50, always scan the aisles!)
  • Pimple removal cream- Combination skin calls for Clearasil, keep one in the toiletry bag for weekends away
  • Sunscreen - I have a bunch of these, need to check the expiry dates!

During our overseas trip, I was impressed by the eco friendly soap dispensers in the showers instead of those tiny hotel samples. We found a similar version at Bunnings and have installed it in the shower and now don't have to deal with a bunch of bottles. I want a similar one for the laundry but may have to build a separate mount for it.



  • Medication (whatever you take, make sure you have decent supply or prescription repeats- and if you able, pharmacy brand is often the same formula, just cheaper)
  • Vitamins (Chemist Warehouse has brilliant sales and in bulk! Stock up on what you require.)
  • Paracetamol (Panamax can often found for $2 or less for 100 tablets at the chemist.)
  • Bottles of water (always good to have a slab of bottles or a dispenser pack or both - just in case your local supply is out and unusable)


  • Salt - Massive Himalayan salt fan - NQR is brilliant for Mendhi's brand 1kg bags for around $5 or less.
  • Pepper - There is a bulk spice supply shop near work that I stock up on small amounts of pink, green, black and Sichuan and make my own 4 mix pepper for my grinders)
  • Dried herbs - Oregano, Basil, Chives, Parsley, Coriander, Bay - I use the Hoyts mini packets in my IKEA spice jars, I have fresh supply in my herb garden.
  • Spices - Paprika, Turmeric, Cumin, Cinnamon, Chipotle (iHerb)
  • Stock cubes- Since becoming fodmap, I now buy the Massel 7's (onion and garlic free). Never pay more than 70cents a pack.
  • Almonds an SSer recommended these guys years ago and now I buy about a kilo a month.
  • Macadamias (As above)
  • Olive Oil - I'm a Cobram fan because they are fodmap friendly- often stock up the flavoured bottles on sale.
  • Tinned tomatoes - NQR lots of great brands at less than 60c
  • Passata- Again NQR -
  • Condensed soups - Don't buy them any more, but Aldi- great for bases for slowcooker recipes .
  • Coconut cream - Aldi!
  • Corn Kernels - Aldi
  • Creamed corn - Aldi
  • Instant Oats - DH used to take the Uncle Toby's flavoured sachets to work, don't bother with this any more, but you can often find these for $2.75 on sale/
  • Rice - You can always find rice cheaply. If you have an Asian grocery near you, you can buy 10kg and 20kg bags cheaply. We have cut this out of our diet now.
  • GF Pasta - Barilla were the only nice tasting GF brand I ever found. Have substituted this with Slendier konjac "pasta"
  • Apple Cider Vinegar - Braggs is best if you can find it, but any with the 'mother' are good.
  • Cling Wrap - Aldi bulk buy sale
  • Aluminium foil - Aldi bulk buy sale
  • Baking paper - Aldi bulk buy sale
  • Tea - Twinings Peppermint - can often find the 80pk -100pk for under $5, sometimes $3.50)
  • Coffee - We invested in a decent coffee machine and donated the pod coffee machine to work kitchen- trying out a few different brands of ground coffees, Lavazza at the moment
  • Sugar - homebrand - only use this for occasional baking and sorbets - I store this in a glass container with a screw top lid from IKEA
  • Flour - homebrand - only use this for occasional baking
  • Self raising flour - homebrand - only use this for occasional baking
  • Long life milk - Devondale when on sale.
  • Apple Sauce - Woolies select homebrand
  • Mint Jelly - Woolies select homebrand
  • Minced garlic - I think I found this at Aldi
  • Minced ginger - I think I found this at Aldi, but could be at a deli
  • Gravy powder - Gravox. The emergency gravy saver!
  • Peanut Butter - It's a kiwi brand in a glass bottle with a brown paper label. Cannot remember for the life of me, sorry.
  • Cast iron cookware- another tip I picked up here was to invest in cast iron cookware. If you can still get your hands on it, I recommend the AUS Fonte range from Solidteknics - . They are pricey but worth it for an All Australian lifetime, multi century warranty product. Unfortunately, it was too expensive to continue to make in Australia- they now concentrate on stainless steel pans. However, if you can get your hands on them, I highly recommend them! They often have campaigns on kickstarter, so recommend following them on social media.

Pet food:

  • Dry dog food - Supercoat- Grainfree - never on special :(
  • Dental sticks - Dentastix - apparently its the worst thing for your dog just like sugar, but DH insists we have them for our GSD. IGA have them on special at $7.50, Reject Shop have them all the time at $11 and Aldi have them on special buy at $10.50. Never pay more than $11.

Miscellaneous/ stationary:

  • Generic wrapping paper and tissue paper- Stock up on some generic/unisex prints and colours - white, silver and gold and secondary colours- can't go wrong there!
  • Gift bags - I made up some santa sack type bags for Christmas. May continue doing this for birthdays. Just a simple printed canvas in a pillowcase sized bag with a drawstring. Easy to cut and sew. Hard to pass through the drawstring though!
  • Greeting Cards - I keep a box of cute, cheap greeting cards for every occasion, a pack of 100 stamps, address labels ( and envelope seals (my local variety store has a wonderful array of sticker seals for $2) never be caught out for a special occasion!
  • Permanent markers- I like Sharpies. Artline have more staying power but have stench to match, lol!
  • Sticky tape - 3M Scotch tape all the way!
  • Batteries- An electrician once told me that the best are Energiser or Duracell- so we stick to these, but have a supply of Aldi ones as well.
  • Candles - we have amassed a collection and lovely souls buy me scented ones for my birthday! Keep torches handy for outages. DH keeps one in pretty much every room! We have battery operated sensor one in the passage way too!
  • Paper plates/cups/utensils - we keep a party box for this- also great for emergencies. Compostable or can used to burn in fire if required. Found the paper plates cheaper in bulk on ebay.
  • Glow sticks- great for parties and emergency light source!
  • Matches - Whatever on special.
  • Mosquito coils - Whatever on special.
  • Repellent- as above. Mozzies love me too much. :(
  • Fly catches - Bunnings for the yellow lidded containers. Hang them up around the deck and in front yard assists in decreasing flies in the area.

So there you go, SSers! I will keep this updated with other bargain priced stockpile essentials and would love to know if you have found any of these items cheaper!


LMW xx

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Last year the company my hubby worked for closed up, first without paying what the employees were owed....then finally in November he got a pay out after being out of work for around 5 months.

Now he is back working, casually but working :) I am so much more relaxed again now, happier and calmer, I just want to share my happiness :)