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KC (QLD) - 2 Jun 2018

Hi everyone.

I am on a mission to save $29,500 in two and a half years.

I'm very lucky in that I have been able to pay out my mortgage and have no major debt.

By having this Blog I thought it would hold me accountable on my savings journey. I would love to upgrade my soft floor by the end of 2020.

Googling the other day, I found a lovely little tear drop camper that (for the moment) would be perfect for me. Even better that is an Australian owned company and manufactured here in Queensland.

So my mission is, and I do choose to accept to save $29.50 a day every day for 1,000 days.

I have done up a spreadsheet which has daily and monthly targets to reach (what can I say, I am a Virgo).

I do work, but not full time. To achieve the required savings I plan on:

* rounding accounts down to the next $5 (3 times a week)

* finding extra work, am getting a little bit extra on Airtasker

* go back to doing surveys

* 10% of my income to get saved weekly to account.

At present, it will take until 20 November 2020 to reach the goal. I want to try and take as much time of that as is humanly possible.

To date the figures are:

1 June 2018 - 1.05% of goal saved.

I will update on here weekly and start a new post monthly

Here I go!


Patricia A. (Sydney) - 7 Feb 2018

This is my year to start my retirement. Definitely the start of the rest of my life.

I was told on 11 December 2017 that I was to be made redundant sometime in March 2018.

I was in shock, grief etc for a week. Then I sat down with the estimate for my payout and did a budget until December 2018 to see if we could live on the payout. JUST!!

I didn't count the LSL or the Annual Leave money as that will change due to having to take days off for this and that, not to forget the Christmas break. That money is being put aside to be used for any dental work that I need to have done to make my mouth more Pat-friendly. I have lousy teeth. At present I cannot bite soft noodles!! Had a tooth extraction and a bridge put in last year and it still does not 'fit'. I reckon that the dentist doing the extraction bumped the crown that has been there for over 30 years and never caused me a day of problems, apart form the initial injury, I feel that it is moved and putting pressure on the gold post. --That is a whole other blog post (whinge) that I will not do.. :-(

For my retirement spending plan, I put in amounts for using public transport for days out shopping or to just get out of the house. Included my sewing days and my current lot of crafty lessons. That was for the fun things.

For the compulsory things: rent, water rates, etc all there.

The money just lasts with my current amount of Transition to Retirement Pension and the Carers Allowance for looking after DH until I reach Age Pension eligibility. Will talk with my super funds and my accountant before I change anything. And need to check with Centrelink to see if I should apply (am eligible) for the Carer Payment. That one is means tested and would be a similar set-up to the Age Pension.

So not being extravagant or missing out on anything except going to work 5 days a week.

I am looking forward to finishing work, but for some reason, I am stressing about it... Why?!?!

I am clenching my teeth at odd times during the day and during my sleep. So now I wear a mouth guard to protect my teeth at night and make an effort to check my mouth posture for clenching.

DH is researching what sort of car we will be buying with one lot of super money. That is his job to keep him out of my hair and busy. Now he wants to buy a camper trailer too... What?!?! He makes a Couch Potato look active! How on earth would he be up to going camping??

He is in a great deal of pain all the time and I will be doing all the setting up and pulling down of said trailer.... a-n-d the money he wants to spend on the trailer was to have gone to replacement of the sewing machine and the embroidery machine.

The sewing machine has a computer fault that only I can see and it drives me nuts when I try to sew. While the embroidery machine was never meant to be kept for as long as it has. It was my 'trial machine' to see if I liked machine embroidery and I do. So it was supposed to be replaced five years ago. That didn't happen as I had to pay for us to move house when the house we were renting was suddenly put on the market and then sold to someone who wanted to move in. Can't blame them, it was a nice house.

Things that I must do in the first week after I finish work:

apply for the Senior's Card, then a Gold OPAL card

withdraw the super money that is to pay for the new car (DH does not fit behind the current car's steering wheel & it hurts him to get in and out of the front passenger seat)

check out effect of a redundancy on my ability to apply for a Carer's Payment

Check with 2nd super people about the best use of that money in my new situation

Cross check that information with my accountant's assistance

& S.L.E.E.P - I am so tired

finish owl cushion for DFriend's birthday in beginning of April.

test drive some cars

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My DH was having a moment where he wanted to spend money to feel good, so he decided to buy some chocolates and take them to the police station and fire department. We did this as a family and went to the police station first. There was one guy there behind the counter and we handed him the bag of five boxes of Favourites. We said we weren't sure if they were allowed to accept gifts and he said he wasn't either. He went to go check and when he came back he said that it happened so rarely that they'd had to call an inspector and ask him if it was okay! He was very grateful and it turns out there are five divisions, so they will get to fight over a box each.

The fire station was a bit harder because we first had to find a door with any people behind it! We were going to just leave a note with the bag, but DH found the buzzer (I hope we didn't wake anyone). A lovely lady came down and offered to let our son sit in the fire truck. We had a good chat. She has a daughter and had just finished her training. She's been put in charge of organising visits etc, and as I am on my son's daycare committee, she said just give them a call and she'll sort it! She also gave DS some stickers (which I think he was more excited about than the truck). All the lads were on their way downstairs as we were leaving and when they saw the bag of chocolates, one of them told us to wait. He came back with a pile of goodies for DS, including a pencil case full of school supplies and an emergency solar powered/Dyno torch/radio!

It was an excellent lesson in how a little kindness can really improve someone's day and that sometimes it even bounces back to you in a bigger measure! DH now wants to make it an annual thing, so I will add it to the family budget, instead of taking it out of his :)

There are certainly plenty of opportunities to thank those who volunteer in our communities to keep us safe. The fire station we visit is the main one for Northland. Every other fire station in Northland is serviced by volunteers! Our lifeguards, our ambulances, our rescue helicopters are all run on donations, grants and volunteered time. And they have been busy this summer. Just the weeks leading up to Christmas, while at work, we could hear the sirens going and that helicopter flying overhead to the hospital. Daily. Often several times a day.

And maybe you're thinking you can't afford to give something to all the people that serve in your community, but here's something everyone can do: take CARE. Obey the laws, take your time, exercise caution. If you can't swim, DON'T. If you've had a few to drink but think you're okay to drive, DON'T. If you're stuck behind slow traffic, GET OVER IT. It's not just about you, or your family, or the people you hurt. It's about the people who have to clean up the mess you make. It's about the people who, UNPAID, have to deal with the results of your poor decisions. They do it because they CARE. So the least you can do, is return the favour.


Wendy F ((Formerly Still Learning WA)) - 3 Jan 2018

So, another year. I have been blogging on SS since 2013 when I felt my world crumbling under family issues but I came out the other side stronger. It has been a constant struggle since then with everyday full of medical issues, juggling life, work, my own mental and physical health.

Emily, I loved your suggestion for a title but I did a quick search on Pinterest and saw Life is tough, but so are you and that is one of my long time favourites.

For those that continue to lurk, I feel blessed that you want to read about my whinging but some days there are wins too. SS makes me feel safe and supported.

For anybody new, my annual blog is about my daily struggles with DD13 who has always had sleeping and eating issues but was diagnosed with ADHD in 2013 and since Aspergers has become more apparent. We juggle medical appointments as we seek to get assistance and support and last year she had braces which was hard for a child that refuses to eat quite often and then we stick metal stuff on her teeth and hurt her teeth and mouth and give her more headaches. But we got through it and is down to a retainer. We thought DD10 would require orthodontic work later but has already started last year and is already draining us financially and giving her grief with sore mouth when ain appliance has not yet been fitted.

I have fibromyalgia so live in a daily world of pain and tiredness, but am grateful that most days I can push myself to get stuff done. I might pay the price afterwards and I am not good at pacing myself. I have tested to a high possibility of the motor neurone gene that killed my sister in 2014. And she was a rare case having fronto temporal dementia as well and I fear both. I have consult with her neurologist on 31st January when we find out what symptoms we need to look for and how to be prepared if I show symptoms. I am 46, she died at 46.

DH and I have been together for 25 years and married for 22 come this April. He is my rock but in recent years hasn't been able to always give me the support I need or ask for. Problems are ignored, I feel ignored. He works long hours, earns most of our income, has medical issues of his own, currently with shoulder bursitis and lower back pain. We find it hard to sit down and talk about money and joint issues. After a really rough patch before Christmas, we are strong but it only works when I take the load of this family.

New Years Eve we went to beach thinking it had been a hot day so would not be windy in the evening but we were wrong. DD10 paddled in the low water and I walked a bit up and down a small stretch of sand. DH and DD13 were cold so I sent them back up to sheltered grassed area and DD10 and I soon followed. Had picnic dinner but it was still windy and girls were cold and weren't warmer with layers of towels and blankets from the car. I couldn't eat most of what I had brought so told DH we might as well pack up and go home. I was craving toasted sandwich which I hadn't eaten in a long time. For many months, I have struggled with taste of food and I had to go off cheese and had hated melted cheese long before that. I recently found I could eat Bega brand. So DD10 and I had toasted sandwiches and it was good. So another thing back on the regular menu.

I am still on leave from work. Supposed to return next week but desperately want to quit. I do like my job well enough. I feel proud of what I do after it took me months to figure out a schedule and get to know what was what. I still hold a grudge that DH wanted me to return to work because he wanted to quit his job and not work full time but nothing changed there so I found myself juggling work plus home life. TI only work 15 hours per week give or take but that is enough to increase my pain and tiredness then I come home and try to deal with tired DD13 to push her to do homework and be the high academic, self-motivated student she is expected to be in the Academic Extension Program that she was in for year 7 and year 8. In reality, all she wants to do is sleep. Or play electronics. No self-motivation whatsoever.

Nothing changed with me working, but my stress levels as I tried to deal with the housework, paying bills, medical appointments, following up proposed treatment, shopping etc etc. I yell more. I had 2 panic attacks last year, which are a new thing. First one landed me in hospital and I was surprised at the diagnosis but second one I knew what was happening. I have another new symptom of my right arm begins to shake sideways back and forth. Just before Christmas, it was really bad and I had a day of 2 total meltdowns and crying because it scared me so much. I think it is more stress related that motor neurone but sitting in the car in heavy traffic with a left heel with plantar fasciitis that was hurting terribly and I started shaking and I couldn't calm it down.

So this week I am trying to stick to my routine of cleaning days. Monday was still a holiday with everyone home so routine was out the window. Tuesday did more money and paperwork than other days. Today is bathroom cleaning day but deferred that to tomorrow as we needed to find a receipt in DD13's room and DD10's bedroom is more of a mess so I made both girls clean up. DD13 realised receipt was in car but her room is tidier. Wasn't too bad for her usual standards. I sorted her wardrobe which holds linen and out of season clothes and found the usual pile of dirty clothes thrown in and dresses and cardigans fallen down but not hung back up. I have given up straightening her clothes drawers. Her problem, not mine. So hers was relatively easy. DD10's is overwhelming but she has more small toys and bits. She has one box of out of season clothes but that was overfull so I found a matching plastic box, washed it and filled it so she has 2. At 10, she is only in size 7, so there are boxes for size 8, 9 and 10 handed down from DD13 but currently only enough room for 2 boxes of size 8 and I plan to move 9 and 10 to another area of the house. Plans to vacuum might not happen today but I will go back into battle shortly.

Last year I discovered decluttering. I knew what it was. I knew the theory of it but couldn't put it into practice. Felt for years our large house was bursting at the seams. Last year something clicked and we have carted car boot after car boot to op shops. Still got too much but I am proud of how much I achieved. Still working on it and I find some days can't let go of something but a few days later I wake up and say yes, I am ready now.

I also wanted to create a business last year but lack of time and energy pushed that aside. Still want to. I became a Doterra consultant over 12 months ago and I could just keep going, using it for my own personal use with no pressure to sell. I am not a natural sales person but I have been a software trainer before and I want to run workshops and share these wonderful products. My cousin said to me on Christmas Eve, you need to believe in the products and I do. I have loved aromatherapy for many years. Not sure why I think essential oils help but my belief has been made stronger. Don't always find the right solutions and we still rely heavily on regular medications but I crave learning more and I love mixing up potions and my own cleaners and toiletries although I still haven't got that right. But I don't want to give up. I have pulled back the money I am spending on it but I still want to push forward and work at it and see what happens.

So 2018 will be a challenge of orthodontic appointments and expenses. Childrens hospital OT for DD13 whom we can give up if we want to but our paediatrician tried so hard to get us in to get extra assistance that she could not provide so I am pushing to stay. Go back next week. I also have day surgery next week for cortisone injection in my heel. At first, I did not want the injection, but once booked, I am wanting it in my right foot, my right shoulder, my lower back. DD13 began seeing a psychiatrist last year and I was horrified that my 12 year old needed to have a physchiatrist but she has been the best medical specialist of all. Not just looking at the food but looking at all the issues together. Sleep, stress, family life, I saw her for myself before Christmas when my anger was out of control but at $350 per visit with maybe $150 back from Medicare, I don't know that I can continue. I will be okay. It worries me juggling work with medical appointments. Both manaqers PA that I report to and other bookkeeper have thrown their hands up knowing which days I will be working. I am grateful for the flexibility. But family comes first for me and if I am not coping, then the whole family unit crumbles. I have to be the strong one in this family.

Should be trying to trying to get tax sorted this week while I am not working. Got one family trust that needs whole year processed. And new data file created. Emailed accountant before Christmas to ask if he could take over processing at his office but no reply. Not unusual. But if I am not working, I can do it. I can focus on DD13's medical issues. I might get more depressed because I am home dealing with everyone else's mess but if I carve out time for Doterra and get that moving, I won't be lonely and I will have another challenge to be motivated for. At the moment, I receive small comissions which I can credit against orders but can also choose for that to be physically paid so I should create a business banking account.

Okay, enough waffling. Girls have just disappeared down the road for a quick swim. I told DD10 yesterday, no more afternoon swims because she gets so tired but it doesn't seem fair to not let them swim. I have no idea of what to cook for dinner so am procrastinating on that. I had a rest and short nap before I got on here so should get on with finishing DD13's room, tidying kitchen, sorting dinner, but might yet duck next door if best friend is home.

Bye for now.

Luv W


New birth year, new blog and new goals. Tomorrow or the next day I will detail my specific goals in a manageable post for me to share as well but for now it is brain dump while bubba sleeps on me. She has not been sleeping at all lately so its wonderful to have some quiet.

So things here change constantly as they do for all of you but I think this time my kids are leading us in a good direction. I have several things impacting on my life that are leading me in a positive direction.

Scott pape, war on waste and a plastic ocean have all featured and influenced our lives lately.


A plastic ocean is a doco I found on Netflix. DD10 was concerned after learning about midway island at school and we found this go up a couple of weeks later. After watching it she was absolutely mortified about what she learnt and wanted to change. A few days later my mum told me about war on waste.

Across the two DD has encouraged me (who thought we were already doing pretty well… boy was I wrong) and her sisters to make a change. We have started separating our rubbish even further and making more changes to reduce our waste.

All our soft plastics are now separated and put into the redcycle bins at coles (we filled the local one the other day HAHA) and any small papers are put into the basket by the fire to use when lighting it. Our food waste is currently wrapped in paper like from the service deli but will soon be put into a tub and put in the compost bin when it arrives. Our recyclables were already pretty good but we will be trying to focus on making sure its all sorted all the time.

We went on a holiday last week and where we stayed were only provided with a small rubbish bin. So instead of just leaving it all for trash we took out anything recyclable and took it home with us to deal with appropriately at home.

We have also noticed that batteries can be recycled at aldi. Electronics at some Bunnings and office works and of course metals at the scapper. We have a pile of metal out the front to go soon actually.

Due to this DD is also refusing to use anything single use if there is another option so we have sourced a reusable fabric zip lock bag replacement, metal straws, a wooden and natural dishes brush (instead of plastic ones) and also bags for things like produce and bread instead of plastic. She is very pleased so far and is waiting for me to get my sewing machine out again and make some shopping bags so I can stop paying for this too.

Plastic bags were banned here in SA a few years ago now. But really they were not banned, the free use of them was. Now shops are selling heavier weight bags for 10-20c each to use instead which is just as bad if not worse! I hope within a fortnight to not need these at all anymore.

I will also be putting bubba back in cloth, and DDs 11 and 10 have agreed to try using cloth pads instead of disposable ones. I will be using them also (although thanks to my implanon I wont need many haha) to try and lessen our impacts too and to also save money.

Our mission is now to lessen our impacts as much as possible. It is not only our household either the kids are helping their grandparents and aunty convert too.


Financially I am working on following some of the steps set out by Scott Pape in the barefoot investor. I hope to use his book to find a stable possible for myself and my kids and even build a small private savings account to have enough aside for 'just in case' to protect myself and my girls.

I am potentially planning to save some money into accounts for the girls to consider either investing or putting into a term deposit to give them money when they are beginning with their lives as adults. A small amount now might make a difference in such a hard and expensive world.

It is all small steps but makes a difference long term to all of us. Any little bit I can put aside now can help us get ahead in the future with everything.


I have been working on plans for making our family more organised.

It was my birthday on the weekend and last week I went and got myself some presents that the girls wrapped and gave me (BF said he bought them). One was an adhesive menu planner which is now stuck to my freezer in the kitchen. This will be filled every week with our menu based on the cheapest meals I can prepare. Then after shopping day I have been prepping all the food and freezing it but labelled. So Monday nights dinner has 'Mon - Chicken' written on it etc so all I had to do was get it out and put it in the slowcooker or similar. This is not only saving my time but has reduced our waste to almost zero!

I have some new books and lists to assist me in keeping track of things. Ever since I got pregnant with DD8mth I have found my memory has been quiet shocking. I used to be able to remember and track everything but lately I have trouble remembering even small things which is terrible. I will be utilising tools and making sure that I can keep track and be a more effective mum and housekeeper.


I have also got many plans for my home now. I have many jobs to get done and organised to make this house more functional and effective for both me and the kids.

Decluttering is on my list and I am enlisting help. I have the clingiest baby which is not something I have experienced previously. She makes it quite difficult to get much done. Even with others she is difficult but at least it is extra eyes. She learnt how to climb the stairs today… oh the joys!

Decorating is going to happen too, we have never formally organised the house and made much effort to make it our own so I will be ensuring that the house is more cosy and settled but be doing it without buying much. We will be creative and make things, buy second hand or utilise what we have differently.

I do want to buy a second lounge for the kids. We only have a 3 seater lounge and there are six of us so I would like to make sure we have another 2-3 seats at least. We can fit 4 at a push on the couch but its quiet uncomfy. I will try and find a small second one to keep in the play area and pull across to the lounge for movies etc as its right next to it.

I have sold more of our belongings this week which will make a difference as well when the funds clear and I post them off. Both space increased and money I need in my account.

Ok enough from me bubba is waking and she is in my arms, I am typing one handed on my phone haha. It is long I apologise if you have stuck with me so far. This post will be about the changes I am making and the progress gained.


Help with the recipe indexes please for iPad and iPhone


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To date 23/12/2017 - 440 indexes


It's about time I updated this blog here.

As it was September 2011 since I lasted post, not that I have been around the place just not writing here. What have I been up to you may ask!

There are a few indexes that I keep tabs on and making a few recipe threads while I am at it.

Here is the list of some of threads that I have put indexes into or keep tabs on for updated.


Indexes that I have index are many, here are a few of them and a lot are in the older threads grouping now which may have links in the Grocery Challenge threads that I put up each month.

Here is a list of some the indexes that I have made over the years.
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Donna (QLD) - 5 Apr 2013

Food Politics: How the Food Industry Influences Nutrition and Health

by Marion Nestle

The Tenth Anniversary Edition is due out on May 1, 2013, with a new Foreword by Michael Pollan. It also has new Preface and Afterword.

We all witness, in advertising and on supermarket shelves, the fierce competition for our food dollars. In this engrossing exposé, Marion Nestle goes behind the scenes to reveal how the competition really works and how it affects our health. The abundance of food in the United States-enough calories to meet the needs of every man, woman, and child twice over-has a downside. Our overefficient food industry must do everything possible to persuade people to eat more-more food, more often, and in larger portions-no matter what it does to waistlines or well-being.

Like manufacturing cigarettes or building weapons, making food is very big business. Food companies in 2000 generated nearly $900 billion in sales. They have stakeholders to please, shareholders to satisfy, and government regulations to deal with. It is nevertheless shocking to learn precisely how food companies lobby officials, co-opt experts, and expand sales by marketing to children, members of minority groups, and people in developing countries. We learn that the food industry plays politics as well as or better than other industries, not least because so much of its activity takes place outside the public view.

Editor of the 1988 Surgeon General's Report on Nutrition and Health, Nestle is uniquely qualified to lead us through the maze of food industry interests and influences. She vividly illustrates food politics in action: watered-down government dietary advice, schools pushing soft drinks, diet supplements promoted as if they were First Amendment rights.When it comes to the mass production and consumption of food, strategic decisions are driven by economics-not science, not common sense, and certainly not health.

No wonder most of us are thoroughly confused about what to eat to stay healthy. An accessible and balanced account, Food Politics will forever change the way we respond to food industry marketing practices. By explaining how much the food industry influences government nutrition policies and how cleverly it links its interests to those of nutrition experts, this pathbreaking book helps us understand more clearly than ever.


"In this fascinating book we learn how powerful, intrusive, influential, and invasive big industry is and how alert we must constantly be to prevent it from influencing not only our own personal nutritional choices, but those of our government agencies. Marion Nestle has presented us with a courageous and masterful exposé." - Julia Child

"This remarkable book is essential reading for anyone who wishes to understand how it has come to be that the richest nation in the world is eating itself to death. . . . Straight reporting about the shaping of food policy, as this volume makes clear, is certain to offend some very powerful players." - Joan Dye Gussow, author of This Organic Life

"Food politics underlie all politics in the United States. There is no industry more important to Americans, more fundamentally linked to our well-being and the future well-being of our children. Nestle reveals how corporate control of the nation's food system limits our choices and threatens our health. If you eat, you should read this book." - Eric Schlosser, author of Fast Food Nation

"'Blockbuster' is one of the best ways that I could describe this book. . . . A major contribution to understanding the interaction of politics and science, especially the science of nutrition, it is of extreme value to virtually all policy makers and to everyone concerned with the American diet." - Sheldon Margen, editor of the Berkeley Wellness Letter

"A devastating analysis of how the naked self-interest of America's largest industry influences and compromises nutrition policy and government regulation of food safety. . . . A clear translation of often obscure studies and cases, the writing is accessible and lively." - Warren Belasco, author of Appetite for Change

Reviews and Commentary

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Sandra (NSW) - 13 Apr 2010

If the comments and hits on Lemon Delicious are any indication, you all love self-saucing puddings. Just for a change, there's not a lemon in sight here. Just lots of good old-fashioned cocoa.

Serves 6


65g (1/3 cup, firmly packed) brown sugar; 150g (1 cup) self-raising flour; 1 tbsp cocoa powder;125mls (1/2 cup) milk; 1 egg; 60g (3 tbsp) butter, melted, cooled; icing sugar, to serve; thickened cream OR vanilla ice-cream, to serve

Chocolate Sauce: 130g (2/3 cup, firmly packed) brown sugar; 30g (1/4 cup) cocoa powder, sifted; 310mls (1 1/4 cups) boiling water


Preheat oven to 170C. Grease a 1-litre (4-cup) deep-sided ovenproof dish with a little butter. Place the dish on a baking tray lined with baking paper.

Place the brown sugar in a medium mixing bowl. Sift together the flour and cocoa powder over the brown sugar and stir to combine.

Use a fork or hand whisk to whisk together the milk, egg and butter in a bowl or jug until combined. Add to the dry ingredients and use a wooden spoon to beat until a smooth batter forms.

Pour the chocolate batter into the greased dish and use the back of a spoon to smooth the surface. This is important as it will help the pudding rise evenly.

Chocolate Sauce: Combine the brown sugar and cocoa powder in a bowl and then sprinkle the mixture evenly over the chocolate batter in the dish. Pour the boiling water evenly over the brown sugar and cocoa powder mixture. (Your pudding will look like a bit of a mess at this stage but don't worry, it will be fine.)

Bake in preheated oven for 45 minutes or until a cake-like topping forms over a rich chocolate sauce and a skewer inserted into the centre of the pudding comes out clean. The pudding sauce will probably bubble up and drip down the side of the dish, and the baking paper will make cleaning up much easier.

Remove the pudding from the oven and stand for 5 minutes. This will allow the sauce to thicken and cool slightly before serving. Sprinkle with icing sugar and serve with cream or ice-cream.


$2.90 for six people



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