$320 per week on food

Where did the $320 per week on food number come from?

When writing the $21 Challenge book we took a sampling of the average grocery spend across the country. This worked out to be around $56 per person excluding toiletries and cleaning products. We then found a government survey which stated that only 70% of the average total food bill was spent at the supermarket.  The other 30% was spent on takeaways, buying food and drink at service stations and so on. These statistics brought each person's total average food spend to $80 per week - a total weekly food spend of $320 for a family of four.

Is that number still relevant today?

The $21 Challenge book was written in 2009. Since then everyone's food bill has increased. Today the average spend on food is probably around $360 per week (we haven't worked that one out exactly!) So, if you did a $21 Challenge today, you will save more than the $300 we claim on the front of the book.

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