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Todae Australia, www.todae.com.au

Todae is primarily an online eco-friendly site that shows the general population how not only to help save the planet, but also to become self-sufficient. My interest in products is primarily in solar powered products which will save me power in the long run. I don't have solar panels and am not sure if I will install them as we are unsure how long we will be living where we are. But there are products that you can use that will power smaller appliances like iPhones, portable gamers and laptops to name just a few.

I work in the energy industry and know how much power bills have increased over the past few years due to tariff changes. We can't fool ourselves. In Perth we have been insulated for quite some time with no tariff increases since the 90's but have had large increases the past couple of years with more to come. If we can power our smaller devices, this will decrease our power bills... maybe not by much, but if you have a large household with teenagers, this store may be something that will help reduce your reliances on the power grid and put more money back in your purse/wallet.

I live in Perth so I can't tell you how the Glebe store operates but I have gone to the online store to buy my products. Some products may look expensive but long term savings are the things you need to look at. If you buy a product that will save you electricity in the long term, it is a saving.

Obviously if you buy one product at a time, postage may be expensive. I tend to buy my products and have them sent together. I have not done this, but if you had several people buying together one particular product, it would not hurt to ask for a discount.

Contributed by: Ozbev, 30 May 2010