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Service: 4, Quality: 5, Price: 5
JK Spice Bazaar 1965 Logan Road, Upper Mount Gravatt, Queensland, Australia

At the JK Spice Bazaar you can buy your spices, rice, oil, split peas and much more in bulk. All stock is authentic Indian and at a very good price. They sell 250g, 500g and 1kg quantities on a lot of the common spices used in Indian cooking but most are ones we all know. Keeping in mind how much it costs to buy a bottle or 50g packets of spices at the supermarket, my recent shopping trip to JK Spice Bazaar included:

Coriander 500g $5.30, Turmeric 500g $3.35, Paprika 500g $5.45, Curry Leaves 100g $3.00, Chilli Powder extra hot 500g $5.60, Cloves (whole) 100g $2.00, Cardamom (ground) 100g $4.40, Garam Masala 500g $6.00, Cumin (ground) 500g $7.00.

Some of them are cheaper than others. It's also a good place to get cashews in small pieces - a kilo was only $9.70!

prices are this cheap all the time.

store is open every day and has parking our the front.

Contributed by: Donna B, 17 May 2010