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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
The Meat Market 1074-1076 South Road, Edwardstown, South Australia, Australia, www.themeatmarket.com.au

I adore this store for its range, fresh uncluttered layout and amazingly helpful staff. The butchers will always be happy to cut up meat for you or help you find what you need.

The Meat Market primarily provides a staggering choice in fresh and some frozen meats - there are some other products such as pre-pack frozen vegetables and spices, but I don't find these as good value as the meat.

They also have a great loyalty program where you earn 'points' that can be used for money off subsequent shops.

Look at the bulk packs and the specials. I buy in bulk, then repackage at home and freeze in smaller portions for later use.

For steak, you get the best price by finding the large, uncut steaks in the left-hand side fridge, and then asking the butcher to cut it for you (which he will happily do free of charge). It's also best to check out their website specials and plan your meals and freezer space around them - for instance, this week, gluten-free BBQ sausages are $3.98/kg - bargain!

Contributed by: Katherine Chapman, 14 Jan 2015