Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 4
Bush's Fresh Meats Rouse Hill Town Centre, Rouse Hill, New South Wales, Australia

This butcher's shop is friendly and the flavour of the meat is wonderful. They have Riverina beef which is delicious and full of flavour. They always have meat on special, offer great deals and have a money back guarantee.

There are always special deals available. I especially like the deals where you buy 2kg at a time. They are more than happy to bag them in smaller portions which make life easier. I usually buy 2kg chicken breasts and beef mince and freeze them in 500g portions. They might not always perhaps be the cheapest around for chicken (at time of checking they seem to be about the same price as basic supermarket chicken breasts) but the balance of quality and free range chicken, flavour and a great price mean they are well worth it.

Contributed by: Claire D, 14 Jan 2015