Local Savings

Service: 4, Quality: 5, Price: 4
Ziggy's Supreme Smallgoods 80 Hopkins St, Moonah, Tasmania, Australia

Ziggy's is a butcher and smallgoods producer in Tassie. Their prices are comparable to other butchers, but all the meat products and all the smallgoods made by them (including the ham) are free-range/ethically raised. I can confidently go there and buy beef, pork, chicken and turkey and know it lived a good life.

Their own smallgoods are delicious, including a lot of Polish products. They have dog bones that are huge beef bones cut down the middle to expose the marrow - I can buy one bone for around $5.00 that does both my dogs for a whole day of licking and chewing - they love it. They also sell pigs ears at a really good price - you have to get in quick!

Ziggy's have regular specials and they advertise them on the outside of their building. This is a small business and can get really busy - so sometimes there is a little wait - but well worth it.

Contributed by: Ange P, 14 Jan 2015