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Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Curtis Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Store 518 Skipton St, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

This fruit & vegetable store sells all the usual varieties for a fraction of the price. Last week I bought four 500g punnets of strawberries for $3.00! They have fabulous weekly specials, are central within Ballarat and open every day. The staff are always friendly and have quick service. They accept cash only, which is why they can charge less (and it helps me with my budget). I rarely pay over $25 for enough fruit and veg for a family of six for a week, but I do take advantage of specials to help with this.

I shop a little more frequently as the produce does not always last as long and often need to pick through the apples to find the best ones.

They have just opened a second store at the corner of Howitt and Dowling Streets, Wendouree 3355.

Contributed by: Belle, 14 Jan 2015

Posted by:
Kim H, 14 Apr 2016

This is our go to fruit and vege shop. I always shake my head at how cheap it is to feed the family if I do fruit and vege shop their. The same at supermarket would easily add another $20 to my bill.

They are also very close to my house for an added bonus