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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 4
Tripodi & Taverna Fruit & Veg 11-15 Beveridge Street, Swan Hill, Victoria, Australia

Offering an ongoing selection of the most commonly used fruit and vegetables, plus a rotation of 'seasonal' options, this is my local go-to for day to day fruit and veg.

The produce is excellent quality and keeps well. The majority is Australian grown. Their standard prices are fair, and they offer weekly specials on some products. There is also a discount rack where I regularly nab bags of reduced but perfectly good produce.

The excellent service is the icing on the cake. I can park the car literally outside their main door, and have help carrying all the shopping back to the car and loading it up! Added bonus - they are great with the kids who come and 'help' me.

Watch the painted windows out the front for weekly specials, and always check the 'reduced' rack just inside the main door to score some real bargains.

Contributed by: Lozzyloo (2A, 3C), 13 Jan 2015

Posted by:
Jane H, 18 Feb 2017

Great little fruit n Veg shop with friendly staff and easy parking.