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Harvey Township Harvey, Western Australia, Australia

One Hidden Gem I have found that's an absolute treasure is the picturesque rural town of Harvey. It is an easy 90 minute drive from Perth and is very well known in W.A. for dairy products and orange juice, but it also has some other delicious local produce! One of our favourite places to visit is the Harvey River Bridge Winery where you can taste a wide variety of wines and buy wine for as little as $60 a dozen:

Another place we always visit is Harvey Bizee Hands which sells locally made craft, such as hand towels, door stops, aprons, baby clothes and tea cosies. You can also buy jams, pickles, relishes, biscuits, slices, home grown fruit and vegetables and fresh eggs. Bizee Hands is open 9am-4pm daily except for Wednesday and is situated on the corner of King Street and the South Western Highway.

The third place we make sure to visit is Harvey Cheese Factory, a family-owned business, which has a Brie called OMG and believe me that's what you'll be saying when you taste it, it is so unbelievably creamy! They also hold cheese-making classes which are usually advertised on a blackboard at the front door. They have free tastings of most of their cheeses and make Haloumi, Romano, Feta, cheddar and flavoured cheeses with chilli, garlic, sun-dried tomato and other spices and herbs in them. They also sell ice cream, coffee, cakes, small goods and condiments. The two camels and friendly sheep might come and say hello over the fence as well!

If you want lunch there are two good bakeries and a few cafes to choose from and the visitors centre has loads of pamphlets suggesting picnic spots and BBQ areas. The visitors centre also has a 'Moo Shop' and an interesting display relating to May Gibbs, who lived in Harvey in 1885 and 1886. There is memorabilia and her books are for sale including 'Snugglepot and Cuddlepie' which is still a children's favourite. Behind the visitors centre is a butterfly tree with a board showing the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly which abounds in the area.

We usually make sure we take our interstate and overseas visitors to Harvey as it is a place we enjoy sharing.

Contributed by: Dee, 9 Oct 2013