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Service: 4, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Spice Stall Yandina Markets, Yandina, Queensland, Australia

Visit the Yandina Markets for terrific deals on herbs and spices! Here a husband and wife team sell spices and dried herbs they import/source and grind themselves - their stall smells divine! Often in a range of bag sizes they are much better value than the tiny packets you can buy at supermarkets - especially great if you cook a lot of Asian food. They have a much wider range of spices than any shop I can think of on the Sunshine Coast and also sell cooked Indian treats, oils, pappadums and similar.

While cheaper and fresher than comparable spices from the supermarket, the range and value means that you can make up your own spice mixes and pastes rather than buying them - much cheaper again. Who needs takeaway! Borrow an Asian cookbook from the library and start experimenting!

Follow your nose and rock up to the Yandina Markets at the soccer fields on Saturday morning. They are in the last isle closest to the cricket club.

Contributed by: MsLiss, 13 May 2010