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Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 4
Farmer Jacks 130 Coolibah Drive, Greenwood, Western Australia, Australia

Perth is notorious for high food prices, but I have found this store has really good prices on some "gourmet" products, for example:

  • 1kg smoked salmon $9.99 (admittedly it is catering quality), but certainly much cheaper than $29.99 on special at Coles or Woolies!
  • Whole eye fillet $16.99-$19.99/kg as opposed to $44.99/kg.
  • Lebanese flat bread at $0.99c for a packet of five as opposed to $3.99. They are also a lot fresher than the ones from Coles or Woolies. We use these for wraps for lunches or for pizza bases. I also cut them up into finger-sized slices or diamond shapes and toast them in the oven for five minutes for a cheap alternative to crackers for dip.
  • Their fruit and vegie prices are at least 25% cheaper than the 'big two' as well!

Just have a browse and only buy if it is of value to you.

Contributed by: Sharmaine L, 16 Jan 2013

Posted by:
Melissa T, 15 Sep 2015

Just a quick update - still good Value in 2015 :) They do bulk rump steak for $5.99 a kilo - you have to buy at least 4 or 5 kilos - but still very good value.

They also have Harvey Fresh Milk at $3.99 for 3 litres and they still do the Pita breads for 99c.

The smoked salmon (frozen, whole ) is $29.99 - which is still heaps cheaper than anywhere else and its Norwegian - so actually Salmon, not "ocean trout" ie: not Salmon.