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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Gardenate New South Wales, Australia, www.gardenate.com/

This website (but more importantly the downloadable 'app') is 100 per cent free and has saved me a lot of money in the garden!

You use the app to work out your local climate in Australia. Then you can see when is the best time to plant seeds, seedlings and plants in your garden for your growing season!

This saves you money because you can plan your home vegie garden in advance, put seeds in your greenhouse early on and have them ready to transplant when the time is right!

You can sign up and get email alerts also, or just rely on the app in your pocket so you always know what to plant next.

The website is www.gardenate.com and the app is on the Google Play Store or iTunes.

Contributed by: Nigel Hughes, 10 Jan 2013