Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Olley's Orange Country Market Mount Lindsay Highway, Queensland, Australia

I love shopping at this market! Olley's has fresh fruit, vegies and basic staples really cheap, especially when in season.

I often can get a kilo of avocados for $1.50! I purchased a box of 'cooking' tomatoes the other day for $2.50 and when I got them home there was not one tomato I couldn't eat, most of them were perfect! We use a lot of tinned tomatoes for cooking in our house so when I chopped them all up and put them into resealable bags to freeze, I had the equivalent of 15 cans of tomatoes, at just $0.16c a can!

Everything is always fresh. Their deli items are also very cheap! Chicken breasts are very often around the $8.00 per kilo mark!

Contributed by: Jennie Usher, 2 Jan 2013