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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Hillman Meat Company 7/97 Jijaws Street, Queensland, Australia, www..hillmans.com.au

The Hillman Meat Company is a retail showroom attached to the Wholesale Meat Company. This modern self-service store is not only stocked with meat and game of the finest quality at the lowest prices available in Brisbane, but it also stocks an amazing array of continental herbs, spices, pastas, ice creams, teas, coffees and even fish.

The butcher is always available to cut any other meats which may not be on show. There is even an in-store kitchen where occasionally a chef will come to demonstrate some of the speciality meats and game that is available.

To check out the amazing prices, visit www.hillmans.com.au and compare them with other retail butcher shops in Brisbane!

Contributed by: Jill Hillman-Marks, 31 Dec 2012