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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Specialty Foods 8a West Thebarton Rd, Thebarton, South Australia, Australia, www.specialtyfoods.com.au/retail.html

Specialty Foods is a wholesale butcher. They sell scotch fillet for $8.99 per kg! Here you will find great service and awesome prices. Shopping here has quartered our meat bill and we are now eating much better quality meat too!

After shopping at Specialty Foods, it is obvious supermarkets are making a big profit on their meat!

Check out their website for all their prices.

Buy in bulk! By buying a slab of meat, you save around $5/kg on their prices (which are already cheap). They will slice the meat for you, and trim the fat!

Contributed by: Tina Gibb, 11 May 2010

Posted by:
Krystel Hill, 1 Jun 2011

Plus, there is a Gawler River Cattle Co. outlet just around the corner, so you can stock up on specials at both places during the same trip!

Posted by:
Karen F, 3 Jun 2015

I have purchased from this place on a few occasions and plan to do so again in August. Last time I purchased quite a quantity and variety of meat that lasted for about 4 months. The prices are very reasonable and worth the trip there. The staff are only too happy to help you with your purchases.
Personally I couldn't recommend them highly enough

Posted by:
Karen F, 9 Aug 2015

I have shopped there a few times. not only is the quality of meat there brilliant but the service is wonderful. my next trip there will be to get at least a few months worth of meat