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Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Fossiker’s Tip Shop Hanrahan Road, Albany, Western Australia, Australia, council.cleanaway.com.au/albany/fossicker%E2%80%99s-tip-shop.aspx

Fossiker's Tip Shop on Hanrahan Road, Albany, WA is a brilliant place to pick up second hand, pre-loved and recycled items salvaged from households before they end up in landfill.

People from all around go to this shop for bargains. I recently went there in time to help a painter unload tins of paint from his Ute and managed to get more than 25 litres of white paint, (valued at over $70) for just $2.45! I also got a single bed, minus the mattress, for $1.00, 15 books for $0.20c and enough tiles to cover large amounts of my pathway for $0.50c!

One couple I met there have renovated their home with shower screens, doors, windows and more. They had been quoted over $20,000 to do this and managed it for less than $200! As you can imagine, they are still smiling! They are as keen as I am to encourage others to view this gem of a shop as an exciting place to start a creative savings journey!

The service is generally excellent, sometimes there are so many people and vehicles coming and going that you may have to wait a few minutes to pay the staff member on duty. Mind you this time is well spent comparing ideas and projects with other like-minded people.

Prices range from whatever small change you pull out your pocket to about $10 (but that was for a round trampoline missing only two hooks, complete with the mesh protection and still in its original box!). One staff member (who works on a Sunday) is affectionately known as 'The Two Dollar Guy'. Nothing he sells is more than $2.00 - I think he likes to clear out as much as possible on his shift, so $2.00 is his catch cry.

Contributed by: Heather Brown, 17 Sep 2012