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I never thought of this as a Hidden Gem before because I don't pay a cent for it and it is all online, but after reading about Claire's story with Weight Watchers I was motivated to tell you about a 'Hidden Gem' that helped me lose a staggering 35kg in 10 months!

MyFitnessPal.com is a 100% free online site that provides tools to help you set weight loss and calorie goals. You can also use their huge database to very easily track calories and find answers to all those curly weight loss questions in the forums. Plus you'll get support from people all over the world trying to get healthier too!

I have 15 more kilos to lose, and with the support of this fabulous online community I know I will make it... and maintain it! As well as diet, there is also a large focus on exercise with tips for everyone, from those who like to walk the dog for exercise, to those who like to Zumba or lift serious weights! A lot of members have stayed on after reaching their goal, and are a source of great advice.

This site is for everyone. If you have specific goals developed by a doctor or nutritionist, you can change the settings to suit. Plus there are heaps of recipe ideas for those on a budget, or those with diabetes or other special dietary needs. You can use it to maintain your weight once you get to your goal (yay!) and you can make lifelong friends in your city and all over the world.

Last time I went to Weight Watchers it was something like $15 per meeting (weekly). With MFP you get meetings daily or more often and it is all free! Over the course of a year you would save $780, which is precisely what my gym membership costs!

I challenge Claire to sign up for free and try it, and all the other Simple Savings members looking for support to achieve and maintain a healthier lifestyle, I love it!

My Fitness Pal is completely free, all the time to everyone!

Contributed by: Carmen Stobaus, 4 Jul 2012

Posted by:
Bev, 7 Aug 2012

It would be nice if one could join but I keep getting knocked back. I keep getting a message that my user name is already taken no matter what outlandish names I come up with.