Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Green Living Australia 14/25 Parramatta Road, Queensland, Australia, www.greenlivingaustralia.com.au

This online and retail store is just amazing if you want to save money by making your own food and some of your personal care products. The store started out online selling replacement lids for recycled jars and became popular with customers who make jams and pickles.

The owner Valerie, was an avid cheese maker and now sells products for making not only cheese, but all sorts of homemade dairy products (including the most delicious yoghurts I have ever tasted!). Green Living also sells products for making your own soap and cosmetics and has an ever-growing fan base for their vegetable and salami making cultures.

They also sell a product called Soap Nuts - an amazing dried berry used for hundreds of years in India and Nepal to wash clothes and clean the house.

The staff in this store are so helpful and their mantra is to help you not only save money, but to go green and stay local as well. For example, to buy enough culture to make 100 litres of yoghurt costs just $14.95, and soap nuts to last six months is just $19.95! You really can't beat that!

To top it all off they have full email and telephone support to help you use the products they sell and their website also has loads of great tips and tricks. If you are in south Brisbane, you should really pop in and have a look. They even have a purpose-built training room where they do classes in cheese making, preserving and soap making (just like having granny show you how to do it).

The prices in this store speak for themselves. The aim of the staff is to have you reduce your cost of living by using their products. Val and David who are the owners not only talk the talk but they walk the walk! They hire likeminded staff who will walk you through ways to use their products to save money and have fun. They will show you how making your own yoghurt, cheese, jam, veggies, meat products, soap and more is not only easy, but fun! They're open from 9am till 4.30 pm on weekdays with classes being held on Saturdays for four hours. You can call in anytime, they will love to meet you.

Contributed by: Deborah Krause, 27 Jun 2012