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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Sweet As The Glen Shopping Centre, Victoria, Australia, www.sweetas.net.au/

If you love sweets, lollies or chocolate... this is the shop for you! Especially if you love to save money and still buy top quality lollies and chocolate! This is the best shop to find a cheap surprise for you or your hubby, kids and friends or gifts for teachers that you need to buy for but don't want to spend a fortune on! For example my favourite - Terry's Orange Special Edition selection - normally $29, but at Sweet As it's only $3.95!

The store is presented very well so it's easy to find all your yummy 'needs' and wants without having to go up and down many aisles searching! The staff are very friendly and happy to help. They even gift wrap for free if requested!

There is no secret to get a special deal. Every day of the year you will find top quality chocolates, boxed gift sets, bulk bagged lollies and so on for the best prices.

Do yourself a favour....find this store!

Contributed by: Joanna D, 16 Jun 2012