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Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Pattons Big Gun Butcher 116 Brisbane Rd, Booval, Queensland, Australia

I find this shop often has some great specials, but the regulars include two delicious, hot chickens for $12, 1kg bag of dog bones for $1.00, white, wholemeal and multigrain bread $1.20, two litres of milk for $1.80, 2kg sausages $7.00 and often 4kg packs of medium mince $20. Prices like these are just too good to go past! Sides or legs of lamb are much cheaper than elsewhere and you can also buy bulk chicken pieces for a very reasonable price.

In the same group of shops the fruit barn always has some great specials as well. If it's very hot the quality goes off as it's not air conditioned, but there are often so many bargains, such as boxes of tomatoes for $6.00 and bananas for 69c a kilo that it's well worth taking a look.

Look out for specials, but usually just go in and check it out.

Contributed by: , 10 May 2010

Posted by:
1967 Model, 16 Sep 2010

I think these guys have changed names, but everything is just the same!

Posted by:
Being Compassionate, 31 Dec 2010

I too love this butcher (now Megameats Booval). Quality and service are excellent. Also if you're a Military member show your defence ID to get 10% off all purchases, another great saving!

My hubby and I love their quality, variety and of course price ! I buy my dairy there inc milk, cream, sour cream, cheese & eggs there as well.


Posted by:
Laura M, 13 Jan 2011

We've discovered another store, recently opened at Aspley. There were definitely both big savings & a great range of quality produce!