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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
East Coast Fabrics 14 Paisley Drive, Lawnton, Queensland, Australia, www.eastcoastfabricsqld.com.au/contact-us

East Coast Fabrics is a small little nook in the big industrial area of Lawnton. I happened across this place when I went with hubby to arrange a service for his motorcycle - lucky me East Coast Fabrics is right across the road! I no longer cringe at the idea of heading to the motorcycle shop!

After having recently spent over $100 at Spotlight on fabrics I was delighted to find this place has nothing over $7.95 a metre, and even better, they have about four bargain bins and a bargain wall section. These bargain areas are only $1.99 a metre. This can range from lycra to curtain material and literally everything in between.

I could have saved around $80 on my most recent Spotlight purchase as most of what I bought there was in bargain bins at East Coast Fabrics!

Although Spotlight is much closer to where we live, I make the trek to East Coast Fabrics as not only do I save the fuel money and then some, the service is by far better than any large chain like Spotlight.

They sell fabrics, patterns, cottons and pretty much everything you need to sew with. I was even more delighted to find they also sell the embroidery stabiliser for $2.99 a metre. I was paying $8.99 a metre at Spotlight! Although the range of embroidery products is limited, there is certainly enough for most projects. I haven't set foot in a Spotlight store now for over 12 months and have saved hundreds of dollars on fabrics and accessories and still have an overflowing fabric box!

The way to get the best prices is to head in there at least once a week as they cycle the bargain bins very regularly. If you are patient enough everything at some stage ends up in the $1.99/m bins.

These bargain bins are not just leftovers and bad sellers, they are popular products turned over on a regular basis and I have not yet been there without finding some fantastic gem in the bins. I have made curtains for my entire house, school clothes for the kids, some magic fancy dresses for the girls and even an entire suit for my son. All from the $1.99/m bargain bins!

Contributed by: Michelle Walker, 5 May 2012

Posted by:
Brenda, 14 Jun 2017

I have shopped there since it opened and you never get sorry of popping in to see what is on special. The owner gave me two rolls of ribbing, one green and one cream. I cut it open as it's tubing for tea shirts. And made couch covers which are now over 10 years old and still going well.
I think Spot light is way over priced just because they have the monopoly. I only hope their new store at Northlakes dosent hurt East Coast Fabrics.