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Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Nabiac Community Op Shop 37 Nabiac Street, Nabiac, New South Wales, Australia, www.nabiac.com/directory/directory/index.php?com=listing&lID=271

The Nabiac Community Op Shop is not only my Hidden Gem, but it's also full of hidden gems! It's located in one of the main streets but you wouldn't know it was there except for the sign on the footpath if you were driving by. The shop is in, what used to be many years ago, the old hospital so it's more like a house than a shop which I think makes it more inviting. You can find anything and everything in this shop - from adults' and kids' clothes, shoes, linen, uniforms, bric-a-brac, books, baby goods, videos or toys - this shop is packed full of wonderful surprises!

The ladies that volunteer every week are gems themselves. They always have a smile and make the time to ask how you are and how your family is. They are a wealth of knowledge regarding the shop and they also know what's going on around the local area. I have two young children and am a single working mum and I have clothed not only them, but also myself over the years and will continue to do so because I don't see the point of buying expensive clothes for kids for preschool or around the yard when you have a great shop like this one where you can get good clothes for a great price. If you're lucky you can sometimes pick up items that still have the original price tags on them.

The shop has a $9.00 fill-a-bag deal all year round but a few times a year (normally at the end of a season) you can fill a bag for $5.00, what a great deal! The staff are always helpful and they tend to have a soft spot for kids so sometimes the kids come away with a soft toy or book snuck into the bag with a nod and a wink.

The shop is open 9am to 12pm every week day.

Contributed by: Clare I, 27 Mar 2012

Posted by:
Jill Crutcher, 13 Aug 2015

My husband and I have also been into this op shop and we are from the Central coast and it is a little treasure.