Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Chambos Country Bakehouse 1 Warradale Plaza, Warragamba, New South Wales, Australia

Chambos is a family run business with great service. Everything you choose is packaged carefully and added up quickly. The staff even hold the bag handles conveniently for you to pick up your bags of purchases as you leave. Their salad and chicken rolls are delicious, made fresh as you order them. The soft drinks are always sharply cold. The lamingtons are the best I've ever tasted! They also have a great variety of tea cakes, pastries, breads and doughnuts. There's always space to park out the front in this quiet area in Sydney's far west. A great thing is that the park is just a short walk away, or you can hop back in the car for three minutes and have a picnic at Warragamba Dam with your purchases.

The prices are so low that I always get caught out when I shop at another bakery with a total much higher than I expected. They spoil us locals with their consistently low prices!

Contributed by: Kath, 25 Mar 2012