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Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Taku Japanese Kitchen Shop 2, Scott's Plaza, 52 Mandurah Terrace, Mandurah, Western Australia, Australia

This restaurant is very unassuming from the front, the menu is on the wall outside so you can check prices and offerings first, which I think is always a good start. The smiling, helpful waitress brought our pot of tea and said to bring it back and she would top it up with more hot water. Meals are tasty, filling and cheap. We had the Teriyaki Chicken and Teriyaki Fish lunch bowls with rice for $8.50 each. There are also on offer as a "set" for $11.50 with a soup and a salad. Dine in or take away option is available. Not fine dining by any means, but clean, cheap, nice food, lovely friendly staff - ticked all my boxes!

Ask for the lunch menu range at any time!

Contributed by: Christine S, 17 Mar 2012