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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Livingston Fresh Livingston Shopping Centre, Ranford Road, Canning Vale, Western Australia, Australia

Livingston Fresh is my favourite place to get my fruit and veg. All staff are courteous, helpful, friendly and smiling, and they always have time to chat with my very talkative children. The produce is always of the highest quality, very reasonably priced with great variety. I can also get free-range eggs and honey at competitive prices. They also offer a loyalty card. For every $35 spent I get a stamp, and after seven stamps I receive $7.00 off my next purchase.

Livingston Fresh is a great example of a business where the owners take great pride in offering the best in product, and customer service, and this is evident in the demeanor of every staff member. It is obvious how they are able to survive with a supermarket less than 50 metres from their door.

Contributed by: Me and co, 3 Mar 2012