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Service: 4, Quality: 5, Price: 5
CWA Rooms 76 Grafton St, Warwick, Queensland, Australia

CWA cafe`s are all over Australia. This is a great place to have lunch, it is not gourmet but has lovely fresh sandwiches and rolls, tea and coffee and soft drinks. When country people go to town there is often a day's worth of business as well as shopping to do and the worst thing I find is after shopping Simple Savings ways it irks me to have to pay $6 or more for a sandwich and then up to $4 for coffee! I could take my own lunch but I could hardly make myself for the price they charge here. $4 will be all you pay for the freshest sandwich or roll with meat and salad, including tea or coffee.

The CWA is a voluntary organisation. The lovely ladies work for free serving very politely to all. Because it is a volunteer organisation it is open during the week only. All the money is used in a charitable way.

Contributed by: Maggie, 1 Mar 2012

Posted by:
Raylene Swain, 6 Jul 2015

Very fresh foods and wonderful service from all the beautiful volunteers and always lovely and clean