Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 4
CERES Fairfood Victoria, Australia, www.ceresfairfood.org.au/

CERES fairfood is a community group supplying organic, locally owned freshly picked fruit and vegies. You can buy mixed boxes or just order what you want. They deliver to heaps of locations or 'food hosts' where you can pick up your order. I've found it great for adding variety to my diet, and it has saved me heaps! I purchase a $35 small mixed box and it keeps me going for two weeks, which stops me hitting the supermarket as well! They have minimal packaging, and you return your box for them to re-use.

You can also join CERES for $50 and receive a 10 per cent discount at their on-site nursery (not online food orders) or for any classes you would like to do - like cheesemaking! If you follow them on Facebook they keep you updated on any news and what is in season also.

Contributed by: Rebecca M, 24 Feb 2012