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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 4
Clearitonline Australia, www.clearitonline.com.au

I LOVE designer clothes, especially those made by Alannah Hill but I dislike paying the high price tag! Instead of buying in store, I have found an online store that sells brand new Alannah Hill clothes (and various other designers ) at 50% off! They often have sales which can have any where up to 60-90% per item ontop of the already reduced 50% off price. The best thing is I am supporting an Australian designer and I can cure my designer delight without spending a fortune!

The online store is listing new stock regularly - often every couple of days. The best part is if there is a particular style instore that you can't afford because of the price tag, you can wait and see if it has been put on clearitonline.com.au.

Contributed by: Careful Saver, 5 Feb 2012