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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Frozberries Factory 1A / 14 Leighton Place Hornsby NSW, Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia, frozberries.com.au/

Frozberries sells frozen berries and vegies, as well as frozen fruit purees and pulp. Their prices are excellent - some of my favourites include Four Berry Mix for $6.50/kg, mushroom slices for $4.50/kg and diced mango for $6.50/kg. They do a 10% discount when you purchase10 or more of the same item and a 15% discount when purchasing 10kg bulk free flowing berries.

They also have locations in all Australian states.

Contributed by: Rosamond, 20 Jan 2012

Posted by:
♥Reet Petite♥ (The Askaholic), 5 Feb 2012

This sounds like fantastic value as I love all sorts of berries but they are only available in season and with this store I can get them all year round. Thank you for telling us about this hidden gem.

Posted by:
Michelle S, 16 Nov 2015

Are the berries grown in Australia Rosamond, do you know?