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Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Harvey's on the Bay 11 Buccaneer Drive, Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia

The service at this restaurant is second to none. From the first time I had to bring a bunch of rowdy little girls out for lunch and they had water, glasses and colouring-in pencils and paper on the table before I had managed to sit everyone down to the last time I visited with just my son and they gave him a free kid's lemonade because he was behaving so wonderfully. Meals are about on par with elsewhere in Hervey Bay (although some are divine) but the prices are about $5 - $10 cheaper than elsewhere and the view out of the windows at the marina are pretty special too. Kids meals are only $8.50 and come with a free frog in a pond desert.

Last time i went i was telling our waitress how impressed i was with the service and she called the actual owner out to hear it. He actually praised his staff and told us how happy HE was with them which i liked.

The one time our meals took longer than about 20 minutes to get to us they came and warned us it could be a little longer because they had just had a rush of orders. But they still got the kids meals out at about 15min and ours were only about 10 minutes behind.

My biggest tip is just be nice to the staff. They truly do seem to appreciate it. They have $13 specials every day or every other meal is only $15. We quite often go after church on Sunday as they do a $10 Sunday Roast!

Contributed by: Bianca Nicholls, 1 Jan 2012