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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 4
Grease (Mechanics Workshop) 37 Lower King Street, Caboolture, Queensland, Australia

Ladies - if you're like me, you just dread the thought of taking your car into the mechanics! They speak a language I don't understand, they're usually all men and (gulp) I'm always just a little bit worried that they might try and rip me off.

Well, this little hidden gem is a Godsend if you're a woman like me!

At 'Grease' (which is the separate garage/mechanics next door to Freedom Fuels) you do not need to worry anymore! Yes, they're all blokes, and yes, they still speak some kind of Klingon language from what I can ascertain BUT they will take the time to translate into english, they treat you nicely and with respect and *woot woot* they are not in the business of ripping you off! Hip hip horay!

Seriously though, I needed to take my much loved Chrysler PT Cruiser in for a RWC and to have a couple of little bits checked out. I rang around and everyone else on the planet seemed to be too busy to see me, except for Grease. The chap on the phone said to pop down the next day and he would see if he could do my RWC on the spot.

When I turned up, there were quite a few cars there, so I parked up and went into the little office. Mr Mechanic chap asked when I needed my car back, and because I needed to pick up my cat from the vet, I asked for 'as soon as possible' - not something I usually do ladies! I'm happy to wait my turn in line at any other time (eg) there were 18 other pets booked into my vets that day for grooming - and yes, my baby was 'pet number 19' and yes, all of us were told to turn up at the same time, but that's a different story!. . .anyway, Mr Mechanic chap went and removed another car from inside the garage, told me to take a seat in the office and he would do my RWC straight away.

Was I impressed? oh, yes :)

So I sat in the office, which is teeny weeny, and because of the height of the reception, you could barely see that I was sitting there. I was able to hear the men who work as part of the mechanics garage, and I also heard how they treated their customers on the phone. And I am happy to tell you that they treated every single woman with respect and due care. The way they spoke to people on the phone is the same as the way they speak to people in person. Yes, the two head mechanics would sometimes call the customer 'Darlin' but it was in no way derogatory or mean. I felt that it was their way of being friendly and trying to put people at ease.

When it came time to tell me what needed to be done on my car, I have to admit, I did think I was in a Star Trek movie (ie) mechanic chap was moving his lips and a Klingon dialect was coming out. So I asked him to write down his recommendations so I could get my husband to check them for me. He was more than happy to provide me with written documentation and possible costings and also when he thought things would need to be done by (ie) my seat belt needed to be seen to asap. Based on this, I chose to have the more urgent things taken care of immediately. And once again, this was not a problem.

And once again, was I happy? Oh, Yes!

'Grease' is a busy little place. In the time I was there, it was bustling with customers on the phone and in person - some with appointments and some without. And you know the old adage "Go where the locals go", so obviously 'Grease' is a hot fav with the locals, and with good reason. The men who work there are decent people. They work hard, they're friendly and they are not in the market of ripping you off. If I'm going to have to fork out money for my car, then I want it to be to a place that treats me decently and who do a decent job. And it's kinda nice to support a local firm *happy smile*

My tips for 'Grease':

1. Where on earth are they? if you google 'Grease' you get everything under the sun, including the movie from the 70's - not helpful, lol. 'Grease' is located right next door to Freedom Fuels but be aware, they are a separate entity to the petrol station. If you're coming off the Bruce Highway, you'll drive through the set of lights that intersect Charles St and Lower King St and you'll see Freedom Fuels are on the other side of the road. Do a U-turn after the bridge and drive back the way you came. And, conversely, if you're coming from Caboolture or off Morayfield Road, then drive on up Lower King St towards the Bruce Highway and 'Grease' is on your left hand side after the bridge that crosses the train tracks.

2. How do I get in touch? Call them first! the workshop number is 07 5428 1230 and the mobile is 0422 201 189. They are popular and busy busy busy, so save yourself any hassles and call to book in. I did, and they made every possible effort to see my car as soon they could.

3. Can I sit and wait? Yes you can. There's a teeny weeny office/reception part with a couple of chairs and an overhead fan. Be warned, the fan is not that much help. You will swelter. But you will not complain when you realise that the mechanics are working in the garage (you can see them through the windows), wearing overalls and they don't have a fan. And they're not complaining :) And if you're planning on waiting, take a book with you or catch up on Facebook or check your emails or something.

4. But I don't want to wait. . .no worries! You can leave your car there and trot over the bridge to the shops instead. Will take you about 10mins to walk if it's hot and your feet hurt - 5mins if you're sports Barbie, lol. In which case, you will not bump into sports Barbie at the 24hr bakery/cafe located across the road from the Caboolture train station, which also has outdoor seating.

5. But what about prices?. . .as you may have noticed by now, I am NOT a car chick. Yes, I love my car. But no, I don't know very much about cars per se. My recommendation is to call and speak with Mr Mechanic Chap, get a price for what you want and then keep ringing around to do a comparison. However, I see car repairs as a necessary evil. What I want is, if I HAVE to pay my money to get something done on my car, then I want to be paying someone who is A) nice to me, B) will take the time to speak to me in 'non-car' language and C) who will not rip me off. I don't believe that paying the cheapest price for car related things is a good idea. If my car isn't safe, then I'm not safe. I'd rather pay a decent price and have complete peace of mind :)

6. And last but not least. . .if you're going to be waiting, and it's hot, and you're wearing a summer frock. . .check BEFORE you leave home that you can't see through your dress! Yes, this particular tip comes from the heart ladies. I ended up walking with my handbag in front of me, once I clicked that my new sundress was quite possibly showing a little too much of my charms. My girlfriends on Facebook thought it was hilarious. I did not. So note to self *Check what you're wearing before you leave home*! BTW, hubby thought it was hilarious too. I have unfriended him on FB *more laughter*

Contributed by: ♥Fabulous Ms H♥, 21 Dec 2011