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Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 4
Cafe Palazzo Australia, www.maranathaimport.com.au/default.aspx

I have always loved the flavoured coffee from Cafe Palazzo. It is produced in Sydney and is Rainforest Alliance Certified.

It used to be available in both Coles and Woolies but Coles dropped it as a product line two or three years ago, so I had to go Woolies for it. A few weeks ago however, Woolies dropped it too!

Then by chance I found the manufacturer's website when looking for another shop that sells it. The prices from them are cheaper than Woolies sold it, even with delivery!

The 200g packets of plunger coffee that Woolies and Coles used to sell are only sold in 6 packs, but work out cheaper than what I used to pay for them.

They also have other varieties that weren't available in the supermarket, and in a range of sizes and grind types.

The last order I got was a flat $5 delivery, and I got 6 200g packets and a 500g packet. It was delivered in under a week.

Contributed by: KylieK, 4 Dec 2011