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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Tip Top Butchers 10 Raymond Road, Laverton North, Victoria, Australia, www.tiptopbutchers.com.au

I have found a butcher in the western suburbs of Melbourne that is not only cheap, but great quality too.

For example, I have purchased a bulk lot of chicken wings which was just over 2kg for $3.56, which is three dinners for me and my husband. I then saw chicken wings in Coles and they were asking $4.00 per kilo!

I also purchased a size 16 chicken for $4.99 and again saw a chicken in Coles, which was smaller, for $9.59.

They stock all sorts of meat, including whole sides, rumps and so on, which the on-site butcher will then slice for you at no extra cost.

Their smallgoods are also fabulous, and they stock all sorts of deli meats, cheeses and dips.

There is also a section of general groceries and frozen foods, which again are so much cheaper. Just take the 1 litre of extra virgin olive oil for $6.99.

And if you have a senior or aged pension card, there is a 10% discount for you on a Wednesday.

Since we have discovered this place we no longer buy meat anywhere else, and we are saving so much money!

Contributed by: Rebbecca V, 17 Nov 2011

Posted by:
Rose, 7 May 2012

I went there after reading this and found it not that cheap but great quality. And I will go back again