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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
ITZ Computers 58 Charles Street, Newcomb, Victoria, Australia, www.itzcomputers.com.au/

I just discovered this great little computer shop which is run by Michael Ollis. My computer crashed and died on me and at first he quoted me $399 for a brand new laptop with all the bells and whistles. The next day however he actually talked me into trying an $80 repair on my old laptop with an assurance that, if it didn't work he would take the $80 off the price of a new one. Well, it did work! My computer is like new now.

I also discovered that he mends Smartphones too and his accessories are the least expensive I've seen anywhere. For example, his blank DVD's are $20 for 100, cheaper even than ALDI.

Truly a hidden gem!!

All you need to do to get a great price from this guy is to show up! He is honest, trustworthy and does good work.

Contributed by: Happy Jan, 11 Nov 2011

Posted by:
Kerry M, 17 Jul 2014

Fantastic guys.
I went to them in a panic with my phone frozen and throwing a hissy fit - the phone, not me- they had it working perfectly within minutes. Andre is the only one I will get to fix any of my computers too