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Service: 5, Quality: 5, Price: 5
Automotive Satisfaction 152 Siganto Drive, Oxenford, Queensland, Australia

I can highly recommend the team at Automotive Satisfaction, they have saved me so much money. I just wish I had found them earlier! After my husband decided we wouldn't be getting a new car, I requested the air con to be fixed in mine as winter is too cold and summer too hot for our small children. On the way to getting a quote from a mechanic however my diesel pump broke so I ended up having to pay double to fix both. I wasn't happy with this but it had to be done.

My husband picked up the car from the mechanic three days later and noticed the handbrake light stayed on despite the handbrake being off. Another three days later and my car was being towed back to the same mechanic due to more repairs being needed. He didn't charge me which I thought was nice. My husband didn't trust him but I thought he was so genuine.

After three months of my brakes not working properly all the time and my car going through oil (something it had never done) and blowing lots of black smoke, we had saved enough to fix it. After calling a few mechanics and asking their opinions and researching the Internet, it was decided we'd start with cleaning the fuel injectors and at worst having to replace them and the brakes booster. We were looking at over $1000 to fix my car once again - despite paying over $1300 three months prior. We took it to Automotive Satisfaction and the mechanic there discovered a small simple hose wasn't attached to the brake booster. He put that back on, my handbrake light went off, my brakes worked properly and it didn't blow any smoke. He saved me $1000 just because he checked what I asked the other mechanic to check! He didn't charge me anything and it took him two minutes to fix my car. I was so grateful to those mechanics and if my car ever needs fixing I'll be going back there without hesitation. I have recommended them to anyone who asks so I hope they have gotten more business from me. It just goes to show you definitely need to shop around for a good mechanic!

Contributed by: Anita Holland, 12 Oct 2011