Local Savings

Service: 5, Quality: 4, Price: 4
Tribe of Judah Motorcycle Ministries Queens Rd, Kingston, Queensland, Australia

These guys are great. They receive close to or just past best before date foods and sell them at drastically reduced prices. They the use the profits to fund their ministries for the needy in the way of food and clothing hampers.

I first got told about them as we were trying to feed several families who were left homeless after the Queensland floods but now we just go to pick up the bulk specials to keep the freezers full and support them as the money is used for a good cause in the community.

They also get a lot of rejected dessert items because it not the right shape or slightly burnt around the edges and so on. I have just bought all the desserts for my daughter's 18th birthday party there for less than $20 for 65 people! Other bargains I have picked up include 50 large chicken pies for $20 and a box of 50 party pies for $5.. These went down a treat over the school holidays!

You can also pay a small fee $7 and they will send a text each morning with the specials of the day.

If you are an early bird, and can get there for 7.30am they also do freebie giveaways

Or, you can ask for a food hamper which is $35 and has a fridge pack, freezer pack, fruit and vege pack and pantry pack. It contains essentials and could easily feed a family of four for a week with the exception of milk and meat.

Contributed by: Selsbels, 8 Oct 2011