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Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 5
Treasure Market Caboolture 51 McNaught Road (via Pasturage Road) Off Bribie Island Road, Caboolture, Queensland, Australia

Do you love to hunt down a bargain? Are you into recycling? Or are you just looking for somewhere different to mosey around on the weekend?

Then head on out to the Treasure Market at Caboolture - it's the recyling area right next door to the landfill / rubbish dump. Don't let that put you off though! Instead consider the things that people throw away - furniture, outdoor furniture including sun loungers, exercise equipment, gardening tools including pots and stands, outdoor play equipment, books, clothes, electrical goods - all it needs is some TLC and you have yourself a real bargain! The adage of one man's trash is another man's treasure is 100% true!

It's fun for the whole family. Need a new doghouse for Rosie? For around $10, you can get one here. We will always remember a family of three little girls with their mum and dad, and the way the kids yelled when they found a 'house for Rosie'.

Looking for deck chairs for the summer? There's a separate area for these, $5 each. Yes, you read it right! $5 each. And sunloungers? $10 each. Outdoor tables from $5 to $20, and that's for the big, "seats eight humans at once" size tables!

Hoping for a new dining room table with chairs? I saw a lady buy a complete set in pristine condition for less than $100 and that included 6 matching chairs. I've even seen a fabulous 'Fred Flintstone' lounge suite with matching full length mirror, snapped up for a bargain price.

All this and more at the Treasure Market at Caboolture.

Fabulous finds I've gotten myself: matching surround sound speakers for my PC $10 (and yes, they work!) and for hubby: a fabulous LaZyboy armchair for $20. It needed a good brush down and vacuum, and now it takes pride of place in our sitting room. We both cannot believe that someone would toss out such a comfy lazy boy chair in such good condition. Maybe someone was moving house and ran out of time in terms of listing it to sell? Maybe someone updated their lounge and the chair didn't match? Whatever the reason, we're overjoyed to have picked up something we otherwise would not have been able to afford. My latest project is two bedside tables - I'm repainting them cream - and they cost me $5, and I'm recovering a barstool I bought for $3.

Those in the know turn up bright and early to get the best stuff. Take your trailer with you. The one time we didn't take the trailer I spied an outdoor bamboo bar with two matching bar stools. Couldn't fit them in the car, so someone else snapped up a bargain!

Opening hours as follows:

  • Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • 8.00am - 1.00pm
  • Closed on Good Friday, Anzac Day & Christmas Day.

Tip #1: To get the best deals, be there early! The Treasure Market opens at 8am, and the staff transfer over all the 'new' finds first thing in the morning. We arrived at 9am one Sunday and watched with sad eyes as someone else trotted by with two gorgeous, large size lounge rugs. If only we'd been there sooner! *great wailing and gnashing of teeth*

Tip #2: the money the Treasure Market makes goes directly to paying the wages of the staff who work there. So they're not going to rip you off! They work hard, they're decent, friendly people and moving stuff through the market is their job. So no worries on getting a good price. Everything is a good price!

Tip #3: take your trailer. First in, first served. There is no holding area for goodies bought, so if you want something, you will need to take it with you on the day. True, I once saw a couple pay for a dining room set, then the wife sat on one of the chairs whilst hubby went home to get their trailer, but unless there are two of you, definitely consider taking your trailer right at the get go. Especially if you live locally.

Contributed by: ♥Fabulous Ms H♥, 5 Oct 2011

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♥Fabulous Ms H♥, 19 Jan 2012

The busiest day is Friday - by 7.45am there are no carparks left! The reason why so many go on the Friday is because from Mon to Thurs they restock with recyclables and unload the containers. Be aware that the dealers also go on the Friday and it can very much be a 'cattle rush' getting through the gate. If you see something you want, then grab it straight away, otherwise you will miss out. Also, another tip - get more rather than less. Sounds strange but it's completely valid. The more you get, the less you end up paying per item.

Posted by:
♥Fabulous Ms H♥, 19 Mar 2012

There is another 'treasure market' at Dakabin. I do NOT recommend this one! it has lots of stuff. . .all at expensive prices! Considerably more expensive than Caboolture Treasure Mkt (eg) mouldy smelly books were $2 each! you'd be better off buying from an op shop at that price! So don't bother with the Dakabin branch - it's not worth the trouble peeps.