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Service: 4, Quality: 3, Price: 4
Crazy Don's Discount Groceries Cnr Railway Ave and Gillam Drive, Armadale, Western Australia, Australia, www.crazydons.com.au

Crazy Don's is a discount, low cost food store. They have a lot of British products and things close to or over their due date, stock runouts and so on. It' a great place to pick up gourmet items at a reasonable price, such as homestyle Brie and Camembert cheese, which normally retail for around $10 or more for $2! They have a good selection of frozen foods as well. For more information and the latest specials, check out their website.

It's a discount store already so thereis no angling for better prices than those marked.

Contributed by: Naida, 6 May 2010

Posted by:
Jo D, 18 May 2010

why does Western Australia come up as Washington Australia?

Posted by:
Penny Wise, 21 May 2010

Sorry Jo, it's a technical glitch! We're working on having it fixed
very soon :-)

Posted by:
MummaZeus, 25 May 2010

Sound similar to the "NQR("Not Quite Right")stores,in metro and
outer surburbs. I'd be a regular as I LOOOOVE my cheeses*HUGE grin*
especially Brie and Camembert cheeses,at such prices I'd be mad NOT
too!!! The major set back;I live in a smaller(regional)South-west

Posted by:
JudiB, 20 Jul 2010

It's local to me :) It's good to visit fairly regularly to see the
different things as it changes so quickly. Things that they have
one week they might not next. It's also a good idea to go there
first when you shop to get what's available, and then get what you
still require at one of the 'normal' supermarkets.