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Service: 4, Quality: 4, Price: 4
Savemore Supermarket 774 Princes Highway (Next to Bunnings), Sandown Village, Victoria, Australia

Sort of like a scaled down NQR, this hidden gem of a store sells branded and some imported products at less of the RRP. There are canned goods, snacks, frozen foods, softdrinks, chocolates and so on, sold often at less than or at half price. The food is often close to, or past (and sometimes way past) its expiry date so just make sure you check the due dates or judge if the product will still be fine if it has expired.

Bulk buys are also applicable, so you could pick up, say, a slab of soft drinks or a whole carton of noodles for a fraction of what they cost in regular supermarkets. Or you could buy three or more of a product for the price of one (applicable especially for snacks). The specials vary each week, and the turnover is quite high, especially for the chilled products. $50 would go a very long way in this store.

This place is a junk foodie's paradise! You'll find lots of cheese, confectionery, cereals, biscuits, juice, icecreams, softdrinks and other frozen and tinned goods here. Very tempting to splurge in this place!

TRADING HOURS: MON-WED 9-7 PM, THUR-FRI 9-8 PM, SAT 8.00-6.30 PM, SUN 9.30-6.00 PM

Just go there and look around, you never know what specials they'll have next. If you ask nicely, they might even do better deals than what's currently on offer. You can subscribe to their online mailing list and they'll email you a flyer of current or upcoming specials.

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Little Miss Wonka :), 6 Apr 2015

Magnum icecreams, Tamar Valley yoghurt and the current Easter egg sale. Pick up Lindt, Cadbury, Chocolatier and Heritage eggs and bunnies here